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Hi! My name is Stormie.

I've been out of Greyhound racing for a couple of months now and living with my foster mum and dad! I love life! I never realised how much fun I could have. I LOVE walks and all kinds of adventures! Ohhh and I LOVE naps!

I'm still learning with somethings, for example water at the beach can be scary but water in lakes that doesn't move to much is fun to stand in!
My foster mum also says that I'm getting better at socialising with other dogs! Dogs my size are fun to play with but I'm still trying to understand small dogs but one day I will. If you are searching for a guard dog, then I'm not your gal because I just love everyone!

I'm searching for a forever home where I can be the couch potato that I am and share my love with my family!

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Peggy **Foster Or Adopt**

Peggy came to us with 5 little puppies which have now grown and she can now find a home of her own. She is a happy girl and good with other dogs. She likes to be around people too so a good home for her is one with a male dog for company or someone home a fair amount of time. She would make a great companion for someone.

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Rusty is a happy go lucky boy when around you, his favourite place is by your side. He likes to go everywhere you go... literally, toilet, bathroom, bedroom, he will follow you endlessly.

He loves riding in the car and get quite excited when going out in the car; he needs to be walked daily as he gets bored easily. He needs work with lead training as he pulls on the lead, but with a patient and kind family who are happy to give him the time and training, he will be a star pupil. he is ok walking off lead, but whilst working on this, this need to be done in a confined area as he does not have adequate recall all of the time.

Rusty has basic obedience and will sit and stay but needs lead and recall training.

Rusty loves kids, especially if they pamper him. Rusty is a family dog so loves being involved in everything you do. He likes to sit with you on the couch and is a beg hog!.

Social with cats, doesn't mind them and is great with other dogs.

Rusty does need to be around people, he has severe separation anxiety and for this reason needs to go with a family who understands this: he is not suitable to be left at home for long periods of time. Rusty is an escape artist. Rusty's response to being left alone is to try and escape the backyard. It is imperative that fences are very secure.

Rusty is looking for his forever home.

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Charli is an adorable sixteen old week puppy. Her mother is a cross
between a Jack Russell and a Labrador.

She has a great personality and loves to explore and go on adventures. She
is very playful and loves pats, licks and cuddles from everyone.

She is good with children, adults, other dogs and cats. She is smart and is
toilet trained and is generally well behaved.

Charli would go well with a family that has another dog as she has been
around dogs her whole life and they keep her busy. She would fit perfectly
with the family that can give her lots of love and attention.

So if you are look for that adventures and loving four legged friend than
Charli is for you!

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Bruce is a handsome sixteen old week puppy. His mother is a cross between
a Jack Russell and a Labrador.

He is the most loyal, friendliest dog you will ever meet and is very chilled
back and relaxed. He loves to follow you everywhere you go. He loves pats,
licks and cuddles from everyone.

He good with kids, adults, other dogs and cats. He is smart, toilet trained
and generally well behaved.

Bruce would go well with a family that has another small dog to play with as
he has been around dogs all his life. And a family that can give him lots of
love and attention.

If you are looking for a chilled out easy going dog than Bruce is for you!

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Frankie is a happy big boy who loves to be with you and gets excited when you get home. He is tall with long lanky legs. He is crate trained and knows basic obedience. Frankie will suit a home on his own. He isn't good with cats.

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G’day everyone! I’m Pippa!

I am a calm, loving girl and I love to please. I am good with kids and would love a calm family household to call my own. I am not good with raised voices or small spaces and I would need high fences as I am good at jumping.

I am strong on the lead and am a bit reactive so I need a family who can continue my training with this. I am best of in a house with no other pets though I may be ok with another male dog around the same size and energy level pending a successful meet and greet prior to adoption.
I am currently boarding in a kennel facility until there is enough room in foster care for me, so if I can’t have a family this Christmas I would love a foster carer. If I can’t have that then maybe some new toys, or some supplies towards my care?

Thanks for taking the time to read and please share me around!

Pippa X

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Suzie * Adopt Or Foster

Are you looking for a new addition to the family that will love you unconditionally and make you laugh every day? If so, look no further, Suzie is just the furry companion that you’ve been looking for. Suzie is an adult but still has a lot of puppy in her and loves to chase her toys and have a good game of tug.

Suzie is super affectionate and loves spending time with the family, usually sitting right on your feet, or in your lap if possible. She is used to being outside during the day while the family is at work and the happiness she shows when you come home helps shed the stresses of a busy day at work in seconds.

Suzie prefers the company of humans and needs a home where she can be the only pet. Suzie does get along with children but due to her size and bursts of playfulness she would do best in a home with children 12 years or older.

Suzie can’t wait to meet her forever home; if you think it might be you call SAFE to arrange a meet and greet.

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Oscar *Adopt Or Foster

Oscar is a very affectionate boy who has a happy smiling face and would love to great you at the door when you get home from work. He loves attention and enjoys a good walk each day. He would be ok with an easy going female dog for company or just as happy on his own. Oscar isn't the best around cats so one without cats would be good.

Oscar would suit a family with older children or love to be someone's companion as would happily cuddle up on the lounge with you at night to watch TV if allowed.

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G'day everybody, my name is Boss!

I have been with SAFE Perth for over TWO years, can you believe it?

I am a 3-year-old American Bulldog. I need a home with a dog savvy owner who is able to put time into training me and teaching me boundaries so that I know my place in the household. I am very clever and I am quick to learn given the time. I am currently residing in SAFE’s kennel facilities as there are not enough foster homes to go around at the moment, but the kennel owners love me and say that I have taught them so much and that I am very special.

I love long walks and love to play catch with a Frisbee or football. I love swimming too. I am a strong boy and so will need someone who is able to handle me whilst out and about. I like meeting other dogs and socialising; however, I still need to keep working on this and I am generally not very good with cats. For this reason, I would be suited to a home with a larger female dog of similar energy levels but not really to a home with cats. I would be ok in a home with older, dog savvy children. My new home would need to have a very secure yard with a high fence. I am currently being fed Royal Canin Hypoallergenic biscuits.

I’d love if you could share me around in a bid to try and find the perfect family for me, I would really appreciate it. It is definitely my turn. I’d even love to find a foster carer so I could have some time in a loving home over Christmas. If you can’t adopt or foster me there are lots of other dogs needing foster too. Also, supplies or monetary donations toward my ongoing care are much appreciated as part of SAFE Perth’s Secret Santa Paws Christmas promotion!

Call me! Woof!

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