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Kandy is just a sweetheart.

A girl who is full of energy and fun.

She doesn’t mind other dogs and is living with 4 including a puppy and is very well socialised.

She wouldn’t mind a male playmate especially if being left alone during the day.

If there are children would be best suited to children over 10 years of age as is quite a big girl. Being still a young pup she will need a family that will keep up her training and socialisation.

She enjoys playing and likes her toys.

She is toilet trained and has her own bed at night.

For more information, please text our adoption team on 0437 870 245 between the working hours of 10.00am to 3.00pm on any day.

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Missy is an intelligent, affectionate, gorgeous and enthusiastic dog. She loves to be with people and after she has learnt that she can trust you she will quickly become your shadow, following you around the house.

Missy loves attention and will often roll onto her back for you to scratch her tummy or put her head on your knee as if to remind you to give her a pat. She also will smother you from head to toes in licks to show you how much she loves you. She is very cheeky and will sneak up onto the sofa if she gets a chance, especially if you are sat there.

At the moment Missy stays outside during the day while we are at work and at night sleeps inside. She has not shown any signs of chewing during the day and will often sleep, sunbathe and stick to her own toys and bones in the garden until we are home.

Missy loves going on walks and investigates every smell and sound that she picks up on. She walks on the lead generally very well and will often be just in front or to the side. If she sees or hears a dog bark, she will get stronger and start to pull. however this is quickly resolved when she realises she is not getting away. We have started some socialising with her, but she will need some more work with getting used to other dogs.

At home we have been working on commands, such as sit, wait, paw, lie down and recall. She is very clever and picks up on these quickly especially when there is food around. She will happily play tug of war and fetch, although sometimes she will do a few laps of the garden before she gives up the ball.

Missy is a fun loving dog, who wants to be with people who will keep her safe and who will love her. She makes us smile every day and I can not wait to find a wonderful family to adopt her.

For more information, please contact our adoption team by text on 0437 870 245 between the working hours of 10.00am to 3.00pm on any day

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Bear is a male 3-4 year old Neo-Mastiff x who is now available for adoption. He is a gentle giant who weighs in around 50kgs but seems to think he's a tiny pup.

He has a truly gorgeous look and temperament and would be an amazing companion for an individual or family. He can cope with being alone sometimes, but prefers to be with his human or canine companions.

Bear is a very friendly and loving boy who wants to be close to you and loves to play. He has been around other dogs ranging in size from 4kg to 30kg and keeps trying to play with them all - which can be a bit off-putting for those he massively outweighs.

Bear has an issues with his jaw which means that he eats a bit more slowly than most dogs and his tongue rarely disappears from view - as you can see in his photos. This doesn't seem to cause him any discomfort but can lead to a bit of drooling at times.

We think Bear would do well in a home where he will be included as a part of the family and be given plenty of love and affection, which he will more than return in kind. He is an energetic boy who will need regular exercise, he has minimal grooming needs and is very well house-trained.

For more information, please text our adoption team on 0437 870 245 between the working hours of 10.00am to 3.00pm on any day

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No photo for Boss **Foster Or Adopt**

Boss **Foster Or Adopt**

G'day everybody, my name is Boss! I am a large male American Bulldog approx 5 years old
I am a bit of a goof and full of energy. My foster parents often call me boof head or bossy boots.

I love to have a good cuddle and I enjoy laying in my bed, wrapped up in my blanket watching your favourite TV shows with you. As much as I love that, I also enjoy long walks and love to play catch with a frisbee or football. I love swimming too.

I am a strong boy, so I will need someone who is able to handle me whilst out and about. I like socialising; however, I still need to keep working on this. For this reason, I would be good in a home with a dog savvy family.

I know how to sit, shake and wait, until I am told go. I am also learning bed and lay down. I need someone who is patient and can continue my training with me. I love being in the company of people and I am very well behaved around guests, however I am great at keeping myself entertained while you are at work by playing with my toys and sniffing out my treats.

My new home would need to have a secure yard. I am currently being fed Royal Canin Hypoallergenic biscuits.

If you would like to have a VIP meet and greet with me, please contact SAFE on 0437 870 245.

Call me! Woof!

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No photo for Bushy


Hows it goin' fellas? The names Bushy, guess where I came from?

If a curly haired outback budgie smuggler can make it on the batchelor, then hell, a farm boy like me can sure give it a red hot go, so this story is helpfully titled "Hey there good lookin!"

I'm a middle aged lad of 7 years, but don't let that fool ya, I can still whip it with the best! I'm pretty decent around the mob that I mix with, both two and four legged varieties. I'll gladly go for a walk or run with you anytime you are keen, and heck, if the kids want to take me for a second walk? I'll take that too! I'm pretty sprightly and full of beans, so can play for ages.

So, what do you think, can this country boy come and stay with you? If you think you have a house that I would fit into, why not welcome me to the big smoke and spot me a nice place to live? :)

For more information, please text my mates in the adoption team on 0437 870 245 between working hours of 10am to 3pm on any day!

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No photo for Banjo


I am a very enthusiastic and energetic boy who just loves loves LOVES people.

While I know how to sit I would really benefit from extra training, but I am a super fast learner.

I love people and get super excited to play and do a lot of jumping and running around.

I love going for walks and especially runs. I pull on the lead a bit and come with a special halter to help you walk me easier but I’m not too bad.

Even though I’m strong I love cuddling with you on the couch and staying by your side.

I’d suit a single dog couple/family with older children as I have a lot of energy to burn and need a lot of regular exercise. I would be fine with another calm female dog with the right introductions.

For more information, please contact our adoption team on 0437 870 245 between the working hours of 10.00am to 3.00pm on any day.

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No photo for Bundy **No More Enquries Please**

Bundy **No More Enquries Please**

Have ridge, will travel!

Our boy Bundy is just like the namesake drink, smooth caramel colour, full of energy and with boundless enthusiasm!

Bundy is a pure Rhodesian Ridgeback, with all of the characteristics. He is still a young lad, and would love and benefit from ongoing training as he is eager to play and please! The rewards for your effort will be a great dog, and he will benefit from someone who has time and patience to continue training him.

We would suggest that Bundy would ideally suit acreage or at least large spaces to run, no kids, however would be nice with a younger medium to large female companion.

For more information, please text our adoption team on 0437 870 245 between working hours of 10am to 3pm on any day.

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No photo for Alfie **Foster/Adopt**

Alfie **Foster/Adopt**

Hi everybody! My name is Alfie!

I am a little bit uneasy with new experiences and new people as I have come from a pretty rough start. I am good on the lead though and I love my walk and I have lots of energy and I love having cuddles… I just need to get to know you a bit first.

I can be a bit overbearing so I might be best off as an only dog, however I might be ok with the right female of similar size and energy level pending successful meet and greet prior to adoption.

I just need a little time, honestly, to settle into a new home and see that I am loved, and then I can do and be anything. I can be the best friend you ever had. Please give me the chance.

The kennel staff here have taken wonderful care of me but I want to be in a home with a family to call my own now! If you can't adopt me please consider fostering me

<3 Alfie

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No photo for Tiah


This lovely little catwalk queen is Tiah! We knew right from the moment we got her that she would be a supermodel, they all only have one name too!

Look at her long legs, this girl has it all, grace, style, a healthy covering of fur.... :)

She is looking for her long term partner to spend her days living the high life (She told me the other day she would prefer a big strong furry fella to look after her), and would be happy to have some older human kids, as at least that wouldn't ruin her figure!

So, supermodel sweety? Can you give Tiah the cuddles, love and adoration that she deserves? Her best friend Linda Evangelista said that she won't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day, but Tiah is much more down to earth, she will jump out of bed at the drop of a hat, and she would be your's for a much smaller cost than Linda!

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No photo for Tullulah


Tully (Tullulah) is a beautiful 2 year old, believed to be a Cattle Dog X Shar Pei.

She is highly energetic, affectionate and loyal. Tully has very high energy needs and will need a minimum of 40 mins intense exercise per day.

She is very intelligent and loves performing tricks, responding well to praise and treats.

Tully walks well on lead and does not pull, however can be distracted by other smaller animals, so does need extra vigilance to keep her focused.

She likes to explore and can get into things she shouldn’t if she is not being watched.

She has a double coat and sheds twice a year. She should be brushed at least once a month to keep her coat healthy.

She is wonderful with all people and loves children.

Tully would be better suited being the only dog in the household, or possibly with a laid back dog companion with lots of space to herself and a highly confident owner. She would suit an active single, couple or family."

For more information, please text our adoption team on 0437 870 245 between the working hours of 10.00am to 3.00pm on any day.

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