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Foster Carers Needed For Older Kittens & Adult Cat

If you love your travel or can not commit to owning a cat permanently - fostering is a great alternative. We are in desperate need for foster carers who can foster older kittens (5 months plus) and adult cats. We have a large wait list for cats to come into care and unfortunately do not have enough foster carers for them all. If you have a safe and secure home and feel that you would be able to help save a cat’s life then please email or call us today! being a foster carer is easy and is very rewarding

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Heart has beautiful colouring including her striking green eyes. She is a quieter little girl who is good with other cats or would be ok as an only cat. She is looking for a home where she will have time to settle in as will be a little unsure for a while but once she gets to know and trust you she is very sweet and likes a pat and back scratch. A home that is quieter with no children or an older child that is gentle.

Heart is located in Bullsbrook. You can contact her carers on 0414268948 or 0437870245 (text if can't get through).

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Hello, my name Laylah. a.k.a Mumma Bear.

I am a very easy going cat. My favourite thing in the world is to Box Sit ( Oh how I love a comfy box!) and watch the world pass me by. I love watching whats going on. And sleeping, oh how I love sleeping too! And I love kneading the cat scratch post or my really furry soft pillow, I can do t for ages! Soooo goooood.

I also enjoy playing foster mum to 5 little kittens I have taken under my paw lately. I had two kittens myself when I was brought to my humans house. I also had other foster kittens at the time which I ended up taking under my paw also. They have now grown older and 'flown the coop'. But my little group of 5 now are so great. I have been a great foster mum and taught them all good manners and how to act like proper little kitties. We love each other so much and love smooching.

I also don't mind a smooch with my foster human from time to time, but I do like my own space oo. You can't sit on a comfy box with a human can you!?

I know I sound pretty purrfect, but there is one little thing I should probably tell you about. I do have allergies to some foods, so am on a strict diet. Don't worry though, its nothing crazy! But sometimes when I am naughty and eat the kitten food I end up very, very, very itchy. Ooops! :P

If I sound like I would fit in well with you, then please contact the lovely humans at SAFE Perth and come for a visit to see me!

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I am a 3 year old beautiful boy looking for my forever home. I love to cuddle and having my tummy rubbed. I have grown up with 2 retriever dogs a female cat and a rabbit.

I can be very shy with young children and I will hide from them.

I can be unsure at first but if you are patient and once when I get to know you I like to sit on your lap.

I am house/litter trained, vaccinated,wormed,micro chipped and sterilized.

Please contact the foster carer on 0407 981 375 located North of the River

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Hi all, I’m Caleb!

I started off as a feral kitty living at a university campus. I was trapped by SAFE Perth and have been in rehabilitation ever since with my wonderful foster carer who has been so loving and patient. You may remember my sister Tris was featured the other day.

I have come along in leaps and bounds, even more than my sister, I still don’t like to be picked up or handled much but I actually like to play these days. I even had a play whilst having my pictures taken much to the delight of my foster mum and photographer! Being around humans isn’t so bad after all!

I understand that it would take time and patience to fit me into your home, but I would really love the chance to just settle in to a home and stay there, another friendly cat would be a bonus, because cats like me come right out of their shells with a confident cat to show them the way in no time. I would not really like to live with a dog because I am shy and young children wouldn’t really suit me.

I hope you will consider adopting me, I deserve a chance too!

Caleb <3 X

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Charlie is a very affectionate and tall boy. He is used to living with a dog so would love a home with a dog that is used to being around cats. Charlie is located in Bullsbrook.

You can contact us on 0437870245 or 0414268948 by text if can't get through if you would love to meet this lovely boy.

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Nugget is a softly spoken lady with a sweet and gentle nature and a gorgeous honey ginger coloring and bright eyes.

She has just finished raising her own small litter and is now looking forward to some new challenges as a single woman in a modern world. She enjoys a quiet cuddle and likes to sit with you while you busy yourself with your own tasks. She has a fondness for human food, but will wait patiently while you eat in the hope of a small treat afterwards.

She currently lives with her two kittens and 4 other adult cats. She has been protective with her kittens, however now they are older, she gets along with other cats well. She has met a dog once and was a little fearful, but not at all aggressive. She has not been kid tested, but tolerates being handled for short periods of time.

Litter box trained and located NOR

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Posh had a sad start being dumped outside a vets office in a box, we have no idea of her situation or her background, however was a very sweet cat from the beginning.

Posh is a 6 month old ginger and white female with a heart of gold.

Posh is such a sweet angel, who loves to follow you around and watch what you are up to. Posh gets on well with her foster siblings and loves to run around and play with them. She is also happy to just chill and wat the world go by

Posh is kitty litter trained and also okay with the dogs that she shares her foster home with.

Posh can be a little shy with strangers until she learns to trust you and would probably be better in a home with older children.

Posh is fostered in Wanneroo and please contact her carer direct on 0403 171 716

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Introducing Mozaic

Mozaic is a lovely natured 2 year old adult grey and white cat who came from a home with lots and lots of other cats. Came into care with 9 kittens, not all her own. Mozaic loved and fed all the kittens until they were all strong and healthy and ready to find their own homes.

Mozaic is a slinky sylish cat, who has just discovered play, will attempt to chase and capture fluffy string. Mozaic will tell when it is time to eat and has just discovered the joy of sleeping on the couch.

Mozaic is happy around people but can start off a little shy in the beginning. Would make a lovely soft companion for someone. She loves her food and is happy to just hang out.

Litterbox train and located North of River, please call her carer direct on 0400 929 922

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Montee is just too pretty to be a boy, who would not like to cuddle this
one! Montee is a very shy lad, so needs someone with patience or cat savvy person to earn his trust, he enjoys cuddles but is easily scared when he is unsure. He gets on well with his foster siblings and would really benefit from being adopted with one of his siblings.

Montee is litter trained and would need a home where he will be an inside only cat and would be more suited to an adult home.

Montee is fostered at Wanneroo please contact his foster carer on 0403171716 for more information and to arrange to meet him.

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