No photo for Solly


Beautiful Solly came to us from the rock at Hillaries Boat Harbour as a little kitten. He has proven to be quite the affectionate boy and has the beautiful markings of the Abyssinian. He LOVES his food especially soft food. Solly is great with other cats and is kitty litter trained. He likes a pat and neck scratch.

No photo for Pini


Pini is the most sweetest, affectionate girl you will meet on your block.

Pini goes out of her way to rub up against you for your attention.
She absolutely loves to roll on over so you can rub her belly, its her favourite pastime. She even lets you know with her loud purring that she is in love with you.

Pini loves to play with all her toys and other cats. She’s not sure about dogs but gives them a chance through the window.

She loves her food and being curious about pretty much everything. She loves to explore and find fun new places to lounge around in or on.!

Mini loves all her human foster brothers and loves to be around them whilst they are playing there games.

Litterbox trained Please contact her carer located NOR

No photo for Robin


Robin is a delicate little girl who would suit a quieter home so one with older quieter children or no children. She is lovely and affectionate and enjoys pats. She is good with other cats and is kitty litter trained.

No photo for Cookie


Hi I'm Cookie. I'm looking for my forever home. I came in with a lot of other cats and kittens (some were mine) therefore I am quite the social girl with other cats. My kittens have grown up now and looking for their own homes as am I. I like a pat and will arch my back with joy to get one. I'm fairly quiet and just enjoy wandering around the house or sleeping somewhere comfortable. I know how to use a kitty litter tray also. My carer likes my dark tortoiseshell coat, she thinks it's pretty.

Maybe I might suit your home? Please call my carer to see if she thinks so too.

No photo for Khleo *Adopt Or Foster*

Khleo *Adopt Or Foster*

Khleo is a quiet, gentle girl who gets on with other cats though would be just as happy in a home of her own. She is kitty litter trained. Khleo would suit a single person or couple best or possibly a family with an older child that would be patient and gentle with her. She will take a little time to settle in but will be very happy once she does. She loves soft food so it is a good way to bring her around to trust you.

Please call or text 0414268948 to inquire. Currently fostered in Bullsbrook.

No photo for Cricket


Meet Cricket:

She is approx 9 months old and isn't going to be a big cat . . . she's a pocket rocket.

Cricket takes her time to get used to new people and I don't think she would be good around small children as loud noises and quick movements can startle her. She is affectionate and likes to sit near you to sleep and cuddle.

Cricket is a purr machine. She LOVES her little toy mice. She get's on well with other animals and likes to be the boss.

As an only cat I think she would become super cuddly. She is not picky with her food and eats any brand.

She is litter trained with not a single accident.

Please call her carer direct to arrange to meet this sweet girl

No photo for Sadie


Sadie is a confident and affectionate girl, who loves your company - she was soon at ease during her visit to the photographer's studio for her portrait session.

Sadie will happily sit on your lap and tell you about her day in trilling tones - she is quite talkative. Sadie is fine with being carried, and enjoys perching on your shoulder for a better view, or walking around your chest (tip: fold your arms).

Currently living with another young cat, a boy of 7 months, she holds her own in their play sessions.

She would be fine with younger children, with the appropriate supervision and guidance from parents.

Postman Pat has a black and white cat - and you can too!"

No photo for Sherri


Sherri is a long term foster of ours who we would love to see go to a good home. She is incredibly affectionate, and reserves a spot on your bed for herself at all times. Sherri loves watching you cook, hoping for food scraps to be thrown her way. Sherri came to us last February but unfortunately the home she found was not willing to give her a few days to settle.

As she does not like being picked up, she may not be suited to a home with young children. She is fine with other cats, and while jealous of kittens (older sibling syndrome) would never hurt them. Her best friend is a staffy x, as the dog stands the perfect height for her to have back rubs. Sherri would be fine in a single animal home, but company is always appreciated.

As Sherri is in the care of S.A.F.E Perth (a registered non-profit), she has been sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped. She will come to you with Veterinary records, a collar and microchipping tag. The adoption fee goes directly back to S.A.F.E. Perth to help other animals in need.

No photo for Jubby


Jubby is a sweet and affectionate boy. He likes pats and affection and is used to being other cats but would be just as happy in a home on his own. He is kitty litter trained.

Jubby also only has 1/2 a tail which doesn't affect him in any way. He would suit a single person, a couple or a family with older cat savvy children.

No photo for Maui


Maui is very curious and loves to play, infact maui doesn’t stop playing.

She loves to start all the rukus and rile her sisters up. Maui loves to play with other cats and even teases the dogs from her sun bed through the window.

Maui likes her head to be rubbed and tummy to be full. She loves balls with bells and dangly string and ribbon.

Maui needs some time to warm up but once you have her trust she will play and hang around you for as long as you let her.

Litterbox Trained and located NOR