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Meggs is a lovely looking boy and is great with other cats and enjoys their company. He loves feed time and will always be there but he isn't keen to be touched by people so we are looking for the right type of home for him. He came in as a stray kitten and has come a long way since then in being around people. He would make a good barn cat to help keep mice and rats down and would enjoy having another cat for company.

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Madison (Maddie) is the mum of a litter of five kittens, although she still looks and behaves like a youngster herself.

Maddie is a brilliant mum, but now that her babies are old enough to be adopted she is keen to find her independence again and have the chance to let her playful side shine through without her kittens hogging all the toys!

She is a very friendly and affectionate cat and loves attention. She is also very chatty and always lets you know how pleased she is to see you, especially at dinner time!

If you are looking for a loving, sociable cat who will give you lots of affection, Maddie would love to come home with you.

For further information on Madison and to organise a meet please contact her foster carer on 0415 343 342.

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Lady Clara

Please say hello to Lady Clara!

Lady Clara will be suited to a home that is after a high energy cat. She loves to play and would benefit with a home that can give her the attention she needs.

Lady Clara is an affectionate cat, if you are looking for a companion to greet you after a hard day's work and to bond with, Lady Clara will happily be your new best friend.

Whilst she is currently living with other cats , she will be best suited to be the only cat in the household, does appear to be patient and calm with kittens.

She has medium fur which doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

No experience with Dogs, so will need to be tested with slow introductions.

Located SOR but will travel, please contact her carer direct for more information and a chance to meet Lady Clara.

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No photo for Sassy *New Foster Spot Or Adoption

Sassy *New Foster Spot Or Adoption

Sassy is a quiet, easy going lady.
All Sassy requires to be happy is a good meal and somewhere high up to take a nap.
Not only is she incredibly cute but she is also incredibly playful. A good rotation of toys is a must.
Sassy is very cat social, she loves all her cat friends and would make a perfect companion for your existing feline friend.
She would be suited to quieter homes and is dog friendly so long as the dog has a calm attitude and respects her space.

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Leo is a really handsome man, he still has to gain his confidence around people he does not know, so will need a patient person willing to do this and then you will have a loving loyal companion for life.
Leo would have to be a total inside cat as he would panic outside.
Leo will need to be adopted with one of his siblings to not feel stressed in his new home. Leo is litter trained and used to other cats and dogs.
If you would like to meet Leo and his siblings please call 0403171716, he is fostered in Wanneroo.

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No photo for Kasey


Kasey is a sweet girl who is happy to lay around the place and check out what's going on.

She would suit being an indoor only cat with another friendly cat as she can be a little timid, she may hide outside if she was allowed to roam.
She loves her pats and will happily purr and rub against you for hours while she is getting a pat.
She is litter trained, and will tolerate being picked up for a little bit. She also loves to play with her cat toys, especially the mini soccer ball. She will take a little while to get used to a new household but once she does, her affection is worth the wait! She has also met the few medium sized dogs that she currently lives with and she now loves to groom the dogs in the house and will cuddle up next to them.

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Khleo is a gentle girl with lovely soft tabby markings. She gets on with other cats and does have a best friend in Elvis a black cat so would be happy to be adopted with him but if not could get adopted on her own. She is kitty litter trained. Khleo would suit a single person or couple best or possibly a family with an older child that would be patient and gentle with her. She will take a little time to settle in but will be very happy once she does and enjoys a head and back scratch. She loves soft food and will meow when she knows you have some ready for her and it is a great way to bring her around to trust you.

Please call or text 0414268948 to inquire. Currently fostered in Bullsbrook.

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Hello, my name Laylah. a.k.a Mumma Bear.

I am a very easy going cat. My favourite thing in the world is to Box Sit ( Oh how I love a comfy box!) and watch the world pass me by. I love watching whats going on. And sleeping, oh how I love sleeping too! And I love kneading the cat scratch post or my really furry soft pillow, I can do t for ages! Soooo goooood.

I also enjoy playing foster mum to 5 little kittens I have taken under my paw lately. I had two kittens myself when I was brought to my humans house. I also had other foster kittens at the time which I ended up taking under my paw also. They have now grown older and 'flown the coop'. But my little group of 5 now are so great. I have been a great foster mum and taught them all good manners and how to act like proper little kitties. We love each other so much and love smooching.

I also don't mind a smooch with my foster human from time to time, but I do like my own space oo. You can't sit on a comfy box with a human can you!?

I know I sound pretty purrfect, but there is one little thing I should probably tell you about. I do have allergies to some foods, so am on a strict diet. Don't worry though, its nothing crazy! But sometimes when I am naughty and eat the kitten food I end up very, very, very itchy. Ooops! :P

If I sound like I would fit in well with you, then please contact the lovely humans at SAFE Perth and come for a visit to see me!

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Lady is a lovely girl who lives with her best friend Barch'e. Lady is more independent than Barch'e but still affectionate. They get on very well and groom each other so would love to find a home together. Lady has a beautiful soft fluffy tabby coat. If you're looking for 2 cats to part of your family then these 2 girls are for you. Best home would be indoors with a single person, couple or family with older children.

Both are currently located in Dianella.

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Meet Kelly, a sweet-natured girl who loves the company of other cats, and understandably so since she spent the first year of her life living in a large colony. She has certainly begun to come out of her shell in foster care and happily curls up on her foster carer's feet once they are sleeping, and returns to the bed any time in the day that she thinks they are not watching. She is still quite timid so will need a patient and cat-savvy home but with time she will learn to trust a new family. Kelly would be best suited to a quiet household with a friendly older cat and without children, or with older children who are able to give her the space she needs to feel comfortable and confident in her new home. She is very food-motivated and has a very cute habit of pawing the floor when she drinks water. She loves to play and chase toys, and will do so with her foster carer and on her own. She as a very close bond with her sister, Coral PR486778, seen in some of her photos (leading them to be known affectionately as Fatty and Skinny) and her foster brother, Gill, listed separately.

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