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Susan is an affectionate girl who loves to be stoked and patted. She is used to other cats but would be happiest in a home of her own. Would suit a single person, couple or family with older children.

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Sylvester is a sweetie who loves to roll over on his back and get a chin scratch. He appears to be ok with dogs so may suit a home with a dog that is used to cats. Sylvester would suit a home with a single person, couple or family with older children. He is currently located in Bullsbrook. You can contact his carer on 0414268948 if you would like to meet him.

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Zoe is a lovely, friendly girl who likes to be around people and sleep at the end of the bed at night or next to you on the sofa in the daytime. She has the most wonderful temperament.

Zoe likes to chase string, is litter box trained and eats wet and dry food. She just loves her wet food and will meow with excitement when she knows it’s dinner time.

Zoe would best suit a home with a single person, couple or family with older children. She would prefer a home without other cats but will tolerate another cat.

Zoe also loves to drink water straight from the tap. She is located in Bullsbrook. You can contact her carer on 0414268948 if you would like to meet her.

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Tau * Adopt Or Foster

Hello! My name is Tau (tar-whoo). I am a handsome black and white tuxedo boy.

I am looking for a forever home with a single person or couple. I'm not comfortable around children as find them too loud.

I would like this person or persons to have patience and understanding and to give me time to settle in as I will be a little nervous for a while.

I also wouldn't mind a home with a friendly kitty as I'm ok with other cats.

Tau is located NOR. To meet, please call/text 0437870245 (no voice mail).

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Trish is a beautiful looking 9 year old female standardbred who we rescued last year. Her life up until then was as a pacer. Trish has since had some saddle work and is looking for a home where someone can continue to work with her to be a riding horse and give her a loving home. She has recently had her teeth checked by a vet and hooves trimmed plus was wormed. If you would like to know more about Trish please contact us on 0437870245 or 0414268948 (text is best if can't get through) or you can email us at

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Vinnie is a very pretty cat and is happy to follow you around at a distance, when he chooses he will allow you a cuddle. Vinnie gets on well with the other cats and dogs in his foster home, but he would really love a home to call his own.
Vinnie would need to be a total inside cat unless you have a
cat enclosure for him to safely spend time outside in the sunshine. Vinnie loves to play and he would need to be adopted with one of his siblings to settle well in his new environment. Vinnie will make someone a loyal and lovely cat for someone who is willing to continue to gain his confidence, he would not be suitable in a home with young children.
Vinnie is litter trained, he also loves to sleep on the bed, near his human companion.
Vinnie is fostered at Wanneroo, please call 0403171716 if you would like to meet him.

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No photo for Tigger


This lovely boy is around 3.5 years old and sadly has had a few different homes due to previous owners situations changing. Can you be his forever home?

He is a bigger boy and is very gentle and loving. He loves asking for a pat by giving you a bump with his head and leaning his body on you. He’s a little jumpy with new things but that’s to be expected with home changes recently.

He’s currently living in a home with a 3 year old, who he tolerates and just leaves when he’s had enough noise, and another cat.

He likes to sit next to you on the couch or bed and have head scratches so perfect if your looking for a companion.

Please text his foster carer direct on 0409 995 357

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Vanilla is a girl who likes to explore. She has lived with a number of other rabbits but would be best on her own or might be ok with a placid male rabbit if introduced slowly. She likes to pick up toilet rolls and throw them around so she has quite a bit of character. She would best suit a home with older children. Vanilla uses a kitty litter tray.

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Little Tiger is a lovely little boy, who gets on well with my resident cat and dog. He is very confident and inquisitive, often finding himself trapped in cupboards.

He likes to be close to his humans, and especially likes to share your bed. He loves his food. He is toilet trained. He would do well in a home with cat friendly dogs, or a resident cat (with proper introduction.)

For more information regarding Tiger please contact his carer on 0400249450

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No photo for Sasha


Sasha is a cashmere x which means her grooming requirements are much higher than that of a short-coat bunny. She will need to be groomed daily or taken to the vet to be shaved at the beginning of summer in order to keep her fur nicely groomed.

Sasha isn't the most cuddly bun when it comes to humans but she does adore other bunnies and will snuggle with them all day long! She definitely needs a home with another bunny and while she wouldn't mind being adopted with her mum or one of her siblings (listed under our bunnies as Belle, Alyssa or Shea) she would also love to meet your bunny if you're looking for a special somebun to bond them with!

Sasha would suit a home where she can have an area of the house set-up as her own with all her toys, food and litter trays with free-range access time to the house and supervised outdoor time when the weather is nice!

Because Sasha is a little reserved she would suit a calm home with older children (13+), she has no issues with cats and calm (preferably older) dogs.

Please visit the following website for some information in regards to bunny care -

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