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Thyme is a very affectionate and cuddly girl who loves to curl up on your lap and give you head bumps. She is also a talkative girl who likes to have a chat. Thyme is a sweetie and would suit a home with a single person, couple or family with older children. She is kitty litter trained and located in Bullsbrook.

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Benji is a male dwarf rabbit with a black butterfly markings. He can be a little anxious around people when you approach his cage but once you have got him out he absolutely loves cuddles! He likes being alone and likes plenty of things to chew on. However despite this he is a lovely boy and would work well as being a family pet or he may enjoy being bonded with a single bunny!

Benji would love a space for himself indoors such as a puppy play pen and weather permitting he would like some time out in the sun.

Please contact us now if you would like to meet Benji!

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No photo for Billy & Dolly

Billy & Dolly

Goats. Yes goats. Do you have a few acres and would love to have a couple of goats as pets? Meet Billy and Dolly a very good looking pair of Boer x Saanen x goats. They are good with people, unable to jump standard rural fencing and love their food as all goats do. Billy and Dolly are looking for a loving home together as pets and part of a family. They are not a breeding pair. They are around 4 years old and living in Bullsbrook. Their adoption fee is $400 for both.

Please call/text us on 0437870245 or 0414268948 if interested to meet them. We have adopted a few goats over the years to wonderful forever homes. Now it is Billy and Dolly's turn.

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No photo for Banjo


I am a very enthusiastic and energetic boy who just loves loves LOVES people.

While I know how to sit I would really benefit from extra training, but I am a super fast learner.

I love people and get super excited to play and do a lot of jumping and running around.

I love going for walks and especially runs. I pull on the lead a bit and come with a special halter to help you walk me easier but I’m not too bad.

Even though I’m strong I love cuddling with you on the couch and staying by your side.

I’d suit a couple/family with older children as I have a lot of energy to burn and need a lot of regular exercise. I would be fine with another calm female dog with the right introductions.

For more information, please contact our adoption team on 0437 870 245 between the working hours of 10.00am to 3.00pm on any day.

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No photo for Smudge


Smudge is a very gentle girl that loves to be patted and will happily sit next to you.

She is always interested in food and has quite a goofy personality.

She also has a sister named Chai that she loves spending time with and it would be great if they could find a home together.

Both of them have exposure to cats and people and would suit most homes with older children.

For more information, please text their foster carer direct on 0417 278 505 or 0414 268 948

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No photo for Mulder


Mulder is a sweet boy who likes attention especially if his friend Gris is getting it. He doesn't want to miss out. He can be fairly quiet so a quieter home for him would be nice. Mulder is used to being with other cats so could be adopted to a home with another cat. He is located in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Bob


Bob is a big pure black boy who loves attention and affection and will rub up against your legs even to the point his front legs leave the floor.

He likes to see what you are up to and have a chat or cuddle up on your knee for love and pats. After living rough for a few years as a stray he is looking for a home to call his own.

He would make a excellent companion.

Bob is currently living with a 4 year old and older kids and has been great with them. He will sometimes give a nip to the hand for more attention but isn’t at all reactive to noise or being startled.

He is a lovely confident boy. Bob is kitty litter trained and perfectly at home as an indoor cat.

Please contact the foster carer direct on 0409 995 357

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No photo for Anastasia


Anastasia is a very pretty fluffy girl who enjoys spending time with other cats and will need a home with another friendly cat for company. She is timid around new people and may take a while to settle in and relax. Having another friendly cat around will help her a lot and a home where someone is patient and will give her the time to settle in. Once she knows and trusts you she will enjoy a pat especially when the food comes out. The older she gets the more affectionate she is getting. She likes to rub against your legs. She will suit best a home with either a single person or a couple.

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No photo for Adele


Adele has a beautiful soul, she is a little timid to start with but once she settles in she will let you carry her around the house and then have a cuddle together on the couch. Adele would best suit a quieter home and would love another flurry friend to relax with. She would be a perfect best friend for your cat. She has a beautiful grumpy face that would melt anyone's heart. Adele is litter box trained and located close to the city.

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No photo for Harriett


What a beautiful girl!

Harriet is a gorgeous little pup. She is very friendly and playful.
She has been great with the dogs she has met and is brilliant with children.

She loves to be near you and loves to lie on the bed or couch and have a cuddle.
Very food orientated which will help with training.

Still working on house training but she’s improving every day.

Harriet would suit most households, but would love another social dog for company.

For inquiries or further information please text 0437 870 245 between 10am and 3pm on any day

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