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Sherri is a long term foster of ours who we would love to see go to a good home. She is incredibly affectionate, and reserves a spot on your bed for herself at all times. Sherri loves watching you cook, hoping for food scraps to be thrown her way. Sherri came to us last February but unfortunately the home she found was not willing to give her a few days to settle.

As she does not like being picked up, she may not be suited to a home with young children. She is fine with other cats, and while jealous of kittens (older sibling syndrome) would never hurt them. Her best friend is a staffy x, as the dog stands the perfect height for her to have back rubs. Sherri would be fine in a single animal home, but company is always appreciated.

As Sherri is in the care of S.A.F.E Perth (a registered non-profit), she has been sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped. She will come to you with Veterinary records, a collar and microchipping tag. The adoption fee goes directly back to S.A.F.E. Perth to help other animals in need.

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Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is a loving and polite bun bun!

Jessica takes a little while to warm up to people and loves to just chill out in a quiet corner. She lets her brother Alby do things first and copies. For this reason, Jess would love to go to a new home with her brother Alby who you can also find listed. They can be separated for the perfect home although she does really love her brother so we would love to see them go together.

Jessica Rabbit loves carrots and is litter trained. She is comfortable around people and dogs.

Jess is definitely not a "lap-bunny" but she has a cute personality to match those irresistible helicopter ears she would love to be part of your family!

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Hi! My name is Stormie.

I've been out of Greyhound racing for a couple of months now and living with my foster mum and dad! I love life! I never realised how much fun I could have. I LOVE walks and all kinds of adventures! Ohhh and I LOVE naps!

I'm still learning with somethings, for example water at the beach can be scary but water in lakes that doesn't move to much is fun to stand in!
My foster mum also says that I'm getting better at socialising with other dogs! Dogs my size are fun to play with but I'm still trying to understand small dogs but one day I will. If you are searching for a guard dog, then I'm not your gal because I just love everyone!

I'm searching for a forever home where I can be the couch potato that I am and share my love with my family!

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Beautiful Solly came to us from the rocks at Hillaries Boat Harbour as a stray little kitten. He has proven to be quite the affectionate boy once given the time to settle into a new home. Solly has the beautiful markings of the Abyssinian. He LOVES his food especially soft food. Solly lives with other cats and is kitty litter trained. He would suit best a quiet home without children as finds them a bit too much and bit scary. He likes a pat and neck scratch.

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Peggy **Foster Or Adopt**

Peggy came to us with 5 little puppies which have now grown and she can now find a home of her own. She is a happy girl and good with other dogs. She likes to be around people too so a good home for her is one with a male dog for company or someone home a fair amount of time. She would make a great companion for someone.

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Sasha is a beautiful young adult tortoiseshell.Sasha is not a big girl – but she has a full golden bib on her chest and a fluffy tail. She likes to entertain herself playing with feathers, ribbons and soft toys and has a vocabulary of soft mews to remind her people when she needs a snack, a chin rub, or a few minutes of play. She is an excellent self-groomer and easy to feed.

Once you have earned her trust Sasha is a loving companion. A gradual transition and a quiet household would be preferred.

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Rusty is a happy go lucky boy when around you, his favourite place is by your side. He likes to go everywhere you go... literally, toilet, bathroom, bedroom, he will follow you endlessly.

He loves riding in the car and get quite excited when going out in the car; he needs to be walked daily as he gets bored easily. He needs work with lead training as he pulls on the lead, but with a patient and kind family who are happy to give him the time and training, he will be a star pupil. he is ok walking off lead, but whilst working on this, this need to be done in a confined area as he does not have adequate recall all of the time.

Rusty has basic obedience and will sit and stay but needs lead and recall training.

Rusty loves kids, especially if they pamper him. Rusty is a family dog so loves being involved in everything you do. He likes to sit with you on the couch and is a beg hog!.

Social with cats, doesn't mind them and is great with other dogs.

Rusty does need to be around people, he has severe separation anxiety and for this reason needs to go with a family who understands this: he is not suitable to be left at home for long periods of time. Rusty is an escape artist. Rusty's response to being left alone is to try and escape the backyard. It is imperative that fences are very secure.

Rusty is looking for his forever home.

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Sweet and calm is our little Peony.
She would of been the smallest of the litter, and is coming around to head pats and back scratches.
Peony likes to stand back and watch her brothers and sister play fight and chase shiny objects. Once they have gone, she will play and chase balls along to floor, but preferring to watch all the action from the side lines.
Given time and patience she will be a wonderful addition to any loving house.
Litterbox trained and located NOR, please contact her carer direct on 0400 929 922

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Khleo *Adopt Or Foster*

Khleo is a quiet, gentle girl who gets on with other cats though would be just as happy in a home of her own. She is kitty litter trained. Khleo would suit a single person or couple best or possibly a family with an older child that would be patient and gentle with her. She will take a little time to settle in but will be very happy once she does. She loves soft food so it is a good way to bring her around to trust you.

Please call or text 0414268948 to inquire. Currently fostered in Bullsbrook.

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No photo for Alby


Alby is a gorgeous, inquisitive bunny with the most gorgeous personality! He loves to explore and play!

He is quite often found in various hiding spots around the house and has a strange fascination with the shoe cupboard!

Alby is comfortable around people and dogs! He is littler trained and loves to lounge about on your living room floor! Whilst not a huge cuddler he does like being around his people!

Alby is bonded with his sister Jessica Rabbit (ID 558394) and would love to go to a home with his sister however they can be separated for the perfect home.

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