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Hi there! My name is Jai the Magnificent!

I was originally part of a litter of all mixed coloured kitties, and I was pretty special because I was the only black and white boy out of them all. Plus, I was biggest, which automatically means I was the best :)

Since then, my litter mates have all been adopted out, leaving me alone with my foster aunts and uncles. That's not too bad, because they love to play with me on evenings, racing around the house and keeping me busy!

I'm always keen to explore and see what has changed in the house in the last few minutes, and once I have done that, there is nothing quite like a nice little nap in any one of my favourite spots, up on the tower, outside in the sunshine in my cat-run, or even on your lap.

I like to show off my awesome purr to anyone that comes in, even new kitty cats, everyone is cool by me! I can't wait to introduce myself, and if you want to play, then that's cool, im down for chasing toys and racing after balls. I'll even show you my own favourite teddy bear that I love to carry around the house.

If you want quirky, you HAVE to check out my tail! I don't have one of those boring straight tails that my brothers and sisters did, I have a funny crooked tail. Mum and Dad think that it may have been broken at birth, and it doesn't cause me any pain, even the vet had a look and said I was right as rain! I liked that vet, he was very cheerful :)

I am really good with my litter box, we have a few around the house because I have a few Uncles and Aunts, so I can take my pick of the trays, I have that all down pat.

And my alarm clock is really good at telling me when it's meal times, I always make sure that I tell Mum and Dad that its time to get my noms out and served up! They say I'm cheeky, but I think that deep down they love listening to me telling my story while I make sure my Uncles and Aunties are all lined up waiting as well :)

So what do you think? Do you think that I could come and live with you for a while? My parents say that I am a big boy and all ready to see the sights of another house, which I think is pretty cool! I'd love to have someone to play with, either another furry fuzz-ball just like me, or even one of those small two legged humans that my parents call "kids", I LOVE playing with them too!

If you think I might be able to fit myself into your awesome house and your life, can you please give my Mum a call on her talky box thing? She told me to tell you her number is 0400 929 922, and she can have a chat with you about meeting up with me. Oh yeh, I live NOR, but it's cool, I am happy to meet anyone! :)

Yours purr-ever,

Jai the Magnificently Magnificent :)

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Big Bertha

Big Bertha is a big bunny. She likes to explore her surroundings. Big Bertha is a little unsure around people but with time will settle into a loving family. She is located in Bullsbrook.

If you would like to meet her please contact us on 0437870245 or 0414268948.

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Archie also known as Archibald is very affectionate. He loves his cuddles and will always be 1 step behind you. He is never far away. For a young boy Archie is very calm and is great with other dogs. He is the perfect gentleman. As he likes company it would be best for Archie to find a home with a female dog for company and maybe a family with children over 6 years of age who would love to play with him. Three of the photos are from when he was a little bit younger. Archie is being fostered in The Vines area.

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Bolt * On Trial With My New Family *

Meet Bolt, a gorgeous bundle of fun kitten! Bolt and his brother Blaze were found abandoned at only a few hrs old when they were rescued. With the help of a surrogate mum and lots of bottle feeds they are now ready for their forever homes.
What’s not to love about this little bolt of lightning? He’s playful, fun, cuddly, curious and a handsome fella to boot.
Bolt is microchipped, desexed, litter box trained, flea & worm treated. Bolt is currently in foster care in a busy family home with 2 energetic dogs and a resident grumpy old cat and he gets on well with everyone.
If you have a place in your heart and space in your home for this special boy then call his foster carer 0412-746-341.
Bolt is located in Kinross.

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My name is Mia and i am a gorgeous dark grey tabby😀

I came to my foster mummy's with my brother and sister and we were all so very nervous we werent too sure what was going on but after a while we all started to settle in!

I can still be a little nervous around new people, but my foster mummy is working very hard with all off us! I have started to love being patted and i dont mind being picked up but prefer not to be!

I am very playful and i love playing with my brother and sis and my mummys cats! She also has a BIG dog which at first i was a little overwhelmed by him so i hissed at him and well now hes afraid of me 😂😂 but i tolerate him now, i even let him walk past me without hissing!

My foster mummy also has a 9 month old baby and i love playing with him when he has my toy, i am nice to him i dont hiss or scratch him i might accidently scratch him when we are playing but hes cool he just keeps playing with me!

I am fully vaccinated, microchipped and desexed and ready to go to my forever home....looking forward to meeting you😀

If you want to know anything more please dont hesitate in giving my foster mummy a ring she will only be too happy to help 😀

Bye for now,
Mia xx

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Shy, Loyal and Sweet-Natured Adventurer

Tango will absolutely steal your heart.

He is a playful kitten that loves lots of people/kittens/toys to play with. He’s a little adventurer with a bubbly, sweet and very cheeky personality. He’s very curious and playful and is a kitten that can be an only cat if he has lots of love and affectionate from his humans, but would thrive best with another cat to play with. He can play for hours, so needs lots of stimulation and toys to discover. But once he’s exhausted he’ll come find you and crawl up onto your lap and fall asleep, purring his little heart out.

Tango is one of four siblings and is always the one over-looked. He doesn’t have the looks of his sister or the confidence of his brother and is extremely shy when meeting new people.

However with the right gentle love and patience, Tango will be the most special addition to any household. He always comes to sleep near my head, and loves to ask me for cuddles once he’s finished playing. He just isn’t great with being picked up and put on your lap. He’ll walk off, but then sit down, look at you and turn right around and climb back onto your lap and settle down purring his little heart out. He also meows when he’s picked up, but will start purring within seconds of being cuddled & patted.

Please contact his foster carer by text on 0498 995 470

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No photo for Alfie **Foster/Adopt**

Alfie **Foster/Adopt**

Hi everybody! My name is Alfie!

I am a little bit uneasy with new experiences and new people as I have come from a pretty rough start. I am good on the lead though and I love my walk and I have lots of energy and I love having cuddles… I just need to get to know you a bit first.

I can be a bit overbearing so I might be best off as an only dog, however I might be ok with the right female of similar size and energy level pending successful meet and greet prior to adoption.

I just need a little time, honestly, to settle into a new home and see that I am loved, and then I can do and be anything. I can be the best friend you ever had. Please give me the chance.

The kennel staff here have taken wonderful care of me but I want to be in a home with a family to call my own now! If you can't adopt me please consider fostering me

<3 Alfie

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No photo for Maggy **No More Calls Adoption Pending **

Maggy **No More Calls Adoption Pending **

Maggy is a sweet little girl who is looking for a home where she can be someone's companion. She came to us unsure and nervous but once settles she loves attention and is a huge cuddle bug. Therefore she needs a dog very savvy home where someone is gentle and loving to help her thrive. Not for first time dog owners.

Maggy has gentle good manners. She is curious about cats. Unsure how she is with dogs but loves a walk. She is looking for a home where someone is home a lot and one best with older children.

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Kasey is a sweet girl who is happy to lay around the place and check out what's going on.

She would suit being an indoor only cat with another friendly cat as she can be a little timid, she may hide outside if she was allowed to roam.
She loves her pats and will happily purr and rub against you for hours while she is getting a pat.
She is litter trained, and will tolerate being picked up for a little bit. She also loves to play with her cat toys, especially the mini soccer ball. She will take a little while to get used to a new household but once she does, her affection is worth the wait! She has also met the few medium sized dogs that she currently lives with and she now loves to groom the dogs in the house and will cuddle up next to them.

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Harmony is the most confident and outgoing of her litter, always being the first to try something new and leading her brother and sisters into mischief. She loves attention and makes her presence known if you happen to be distracted with something else – she will soon (sweetly) remind you that it’s time to give her a cuddle!

Harmony is a very cute, affectionate and playful kitten with a gorgeous nature. She would love a home with other cats as she is used to having her brother and sisters around to play with. She is also good with children.

Her cuteness is difficult to resist and she will quickly have you wrapped around her little paw.

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