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Hi my name is Betelgeuse.

I love to kitten play with my siblings however I am an individual who also likes my own time spent sleeping in a sunny spot.

I often spend time curled up on the lounge with my foster human, but would love nothing more then to do this with my forever family.

I currently live with a dog and am really clean in my litter tray.

Please call my foster carer on 0401 780 010 located NOR

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Boss **Foster Or Adopt**

G'day everybody, my name is Boss! I am a large male American Bulldog approx 5 years old
I am a bit of a goof and full of energy. My foster parents often call me boof head or bossy boots.

I love to have a good cuddle and I enjoy laying in my bed, wrapped up in my blanket watching your favourite TV shows with you. As much as I love that, I also enjoy long walks and love to play catch with a frisbee or football. I love swimming too.

I am a strong boy, so I will need someone who is able to handle me whilst out and about. I like socialising; however, I still need to keep working on this. For this reason, I would be good in a home with a dog savvy family.

I know how to sit, shake and wait, until I am told go. I am also learning bed and lay down. I need someone who is patient and can continue my training with me. I love being in the company of people and I am very well behaved around guests, however I am great at keeping myself entertained while you are at work by playing with my toys and sniffing out my treats.

My new home would need to have a secure yard. I am currently being fed Royal Canin Hypoallergenic biscuits.

If you would like to have a VIP meet and greet with me, please contact SAFE on 0437 870 245.

Call me! Woof!

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Bennie * Foster Or Adopt

Bennie was stray kitten that turned up in a backyard with his mum and another kitten.

Bennie has come a very long way since he came into our care. He will allow you to get close, closer still if you are feeding him however he is still wary of people he doesn't know. He can be picked up around feeding time, though he doesn't really love it he does settle and get used to it.

Bennie loves to climb high and snooze the day away and really enjoys the company of other cats. Not sure about dogs as he hasn't been exposed to any at this stage. He is fully litter trained and you will barely know he is there, unless you seek him out.

Bennie is a very adorable young cat and certainly deserves a forever home!!

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Benji is a 2 year old male dwarf rabbit with a black butterfly markings. He can be a little anxious around people when you approach his cage but once you have got him out he absolutely loves cuddles! He likes being alone and likes plenty of things to chew on. However despite this he is a lovely boy and would work well as being a family pet or he may enjoy being bonded with a single bunny!

Benji would love a space for himself indoors such as a puppy play pen and weather permitting he would like some time out in the sun.

Please contact us now if you would like to meet Benji!

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Belle is a bun with attitude! She isn't the most cuddly bun when it comes to humans but she does adore other bunnies and will snuggle with them all day long! She definitely needs a home with another bunny and while she wouldn't mind being adopted with one of her bubba buns (listed under our bunnies as Sasha, Alyssa or Shea) she would also love to meet your bunny if you're looking for a special somebun to bond them with!

Belle would suit a home where she can have an area of the house set-up as her own with all her toys, food and litter trays with free-range access time to the house and supervised outdoor time when the weather is nice!

Because Belle is a little reserved she would suit a calm home with older children (13+), she has no issues with cats and calm (preferably older) dogs.

Please visit the following website for some information in regards to bunny care -

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Hi my name is Boof,

I am a 2 year old Male Bull Mastiff X and I love playing with my dog toys, I get along well with children and I'm currently fostering in a household with a 3 year old so I'm used to young kids as well, I've recently been desexed and I have been micro chipped and vaccinated.

I haven't been tested with other animals yet but when I was in the Narrogin pound I got along well with female dogs, I know basic commands and walk well on the lead.

I'm a gentle giant who is looking for a loving forever home.

Please text to our adoption team on 0437 870 245. Please note we do not accept online applications

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Beautiful white Brain has gorgeous green/yellow eyes with which to watch the world go by. He may appear unassuming but is playful and sweet, especially enjoys wrestling with his sibling. This pure white (NOT deaf), fluffy little boy has spent more time than he needs to in a foster home, he would love to have a place to call his own forever. Quietly confident he'll survey his surroundings then investigate more (once his plan of world domination is fully formed), now and then he likes to inform you of his plans by having a chat.

Fully litter trained, vaccinated, sterilised and microchipped and not fussy about his food.

*NB white cats should be indoor cats or be provided with a covered outdoor area for daylight hours

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Alfie **Foster/Adopt**

Hi everybody! My name is Alfie!

I am a little bit uneasy with new experiences and new people as I have come from a pretty rough start. I am good on the lead though and I love my walk and I have lots of energy and I love having cuddles… I just need to get to know you a bit first.

I can be a bit overbearing so I might be best off as an only dog, however I might be ok with the right female of similar size and energy level pending successful meet and greet prior to adoption.

I just need a little time, honestly, to settle into a new home and see that I am loved, and then I can do and be anything. I can be the best friend you ever had. Please give me the chance.

The kennel staff here have taken wonderful care of me but I want to be in a home with a family to call my own now! If you can't adopt me please consider fostering me

<3 Alfie

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Hi my name is Sunflower.

I am playful with my siblings, and a little feisty with sneaking up behind them.

However I am super smoochy and I really like a cuddle with my forever family.

I currently live with a dog and am super clean in my litter tray.

Please contact my carer on 0401 780 010

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Sherri is a long term foster of ours who we would love to see go to a good home. She is incredibly affectionate, and reserves a spot on your bed for herself at all times. Sherri loves watching you cook, hoping for food scraps to be thrown her way. Sherri came to us last February but unfortunately the home she found was not willing to give her a few days to settle.

As she does not like being picked up, she may not be suited to a home with young children. She is fine with other cats, and while jealous of kittens (older sibling syndrome) would never hurt them. Her best friend is a staffy x, as the dog stands the perfect height for her to have back rubs. Sherri would be fine in a single animal home, but company is always appreciated.

As Sherri is in the care of S.A.F.E Perth (a registered non-profit), she has been sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped. She will come to you with Veterinary records, a collar and microchipping tag. The adoption fee goes directly back to S.A.F.E. Perth to help other animals in need.

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