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Millie - Available after 30th June

Millie enjoys people's company, always follows her carer and carries her toys with her, she loves her food, is litter trained and a friendly cat. Ideally needs a home where the owner is home a lot.
She has just finished being a mum and deserves a loving home. She is approx 12 months old herself.
She will be desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, worm and flea treated before being adopted.
Adoption Fee: $200
If you are interested in Millie please contact her carer Cath on 0412047645

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** Thunder - Available **
Thunder is an affectionate grey/white long hair boy who is approximately 2 years old. Initally a shy boy but once he warms up to you he becomes more confident.
Thunder is litter trained and good with children. He is scared of dogs so will need to be in a dog free home. He can be a bit unsure around other cats but with the right introducction and time I think he would be ok around another cat.
Thunder loves a pat and is very happy to sit next to you purring his little heart out. He is fine to let you scoop him into your lap for a cuddle while you sit and read or watch TV.
Thunder is in foster care at Maryland. He is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, worm and flea treated. His adoption Fee is $150. If you would like to meet Thunder please contact his carer Jaime on 0410491882

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** Alice - Available **
Alice is an intelligent, agile and cuddly young lady who needs a loving home. She loves company but isn't needy of attention and loves just being around a family. She enjoys being with people she knows and other animals. Alice would be best suited to a home with another cat or dog to keep her company. (Her current best friend is a border collie!!) Alice has a good daily routine in place. She Sleeps though the night, uses a litter and isn't a picky eater. She is deserved, microchipped, fleaded, wormed, and vaccinated. Alice is mistrustful of people she doesn't know so would best suit someone experienced with cats. Given time and patience she is a delightful uncomplex little girl. If you would like to meet Alice or know more about her please contact her career Kate on 0427 241 049
Alice is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, worm and flea treated.
Adoption Fee : $120

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** Tinker - Available **
11 year old female Tinker is looking for a relaxing new home. She loves to just hang out in the garden and relax. She will happily sit with you for pats and scratches. She is devoted to love and attention once she gets to know you and greets you with a meow. She is inside at night and uses a litter tray, not fussy with her food.
If you could offer this gorgeous old lady a great retirement please contact Mel 0405595075

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** Stewie - Available **
Stewie is an 11 year old male. He is a relaxed boy who is happy to always grab a pat and scratch. He loves a chat and is happy sitting with you, as well as catching a nap in the garden. He is inside at night and uses the litter tray and not fussy with food.
If you could give this old man a home please contact Mel 0405595075

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One very special carer or adoptive parent is needed to give Boodle his second chance at life!
Boodle has had a very traumatic few months. After being hit by a car and sustaining serious injuries, he was left in the care of Cooks Hill Vet as his owners could not afford the vet bills. The wonderful team at Cooks Hill Vet nursed poor Boodle back to health and are currently still looking after him. However he has a completely paralysed tail and partial paralysis in his spine. Thankfully Boodle can still walk and is quite active! He will need to be either indoors or kept in a secured outdoor enclosure.
Whoever is going to take responsibility for Boodle's next stage in life will need to express his bladder twice a day and feed Boodle laxatives once a day so that he can relieve himself. Cooks Hill Vet will offer all support needed to make sure Boodle is well cared for and the next owner is well trained to accommodate Boodles needs at no cost.
The team at Cooks Hill Vet have falling in love with this beautiful boy and do not want to euthanise him. They have made sure he is as healthy as he can be, vaccinated, desexed, microchiped, and are also going to doc his tail at no cost. They just want to make sure Boodle can live the rest of his life with an abundance of TLC.
Boodle is a super affectionate, loving little man. He has shown great strength in his ability to bounce back from such a tragic ordeal. He is very patient and calm and will wait/hold still while his bladder is emptied, then offer his carer purrs and snuggles in thanks.
Please contact Gemma on 0406295866 if you are able to step up to this very important position and give Boodle the home and care he needs.

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Quinn is a beautiful, small female cat who is approximately 1 year and 4 months old. She is energetic, talkative and loves to follow you around. She loves to play with her toys and get a scratch from her human friends. Quinn loves company but is also happy to find her own little spot and be left alone for a couple of hours and therefore would suit a variety of households. She is good with other quiet, calm cats but gets easily stressed by dominant cats. She is desexed, vaccinated, flea and worm treated.
Quinn is located in the Caves Beach area.
Her adoption fee is $150.
Please contact her carer Krystal 0437135056

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