No photo for Teddy


Teddy is a young greyhound, only two-years-old. Since being in kennels he has shown us how much he loves the companion of other dogs. His ideal home would have a playful doggy companion to entertain him when his human family are at work. Teddy really love to play so would probably be suited to a larger, playful doggy friend.

Teddy's other great love is the car, so if you want a road tripping kind of dog, Teddy is your man!

He is availabe for a foster or foster-to-adopt situation.

Photo courtesy of 7 to 1 Photography with Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne via ShutterPaws.

No photo for Zeb


Zeb is a sweet boy who loves to share his doggy kisses with as many people as possible. He has lived in foster care as the only dog, but would prefer another dog for company in his forever home. Zeb is only four and has plenty of up-and-go! We think his ideal family would be one seeking a greyhound to join them on adventures.

Photo courtesy of 7 to 1 Photography with Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne via Shutter Paws.

No photo for Scout


Lovable "hero dog" Scout is looking for his forever home. He's worked hard helping us assess greyhounds, but is now ready to enter the cozy life of retirement.

Scout is three-years-old and adores sneaking into your lap for a cuddle. He would be a fantastic companion for an existing dog and loves to play around with dogs of his own size. He has the most irresistible toothy grin that just melts your heart.

Scout has a friendly personality but can be quite shy, so we think his ideal home would be on the quieter side. He gets on well with children but would prefer to live in a family with older kids as he can get intimidated around loud noises.

We are a bit unsure of Scout’s origins, but think he is a Chihuahua cross of some sort. Scout has had his vet work done including a dental and is ready for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting Scout please email and we'll be in touch!

No photo for Rosie


Sweet little Rosie is looking for her forever home. She came to GAP a few months ago to see if she would fit in as one of our "hero dogs", providing an invaluable service helping us assess our greyhounds. However, from the moment she bounced through the door it was clear she had her heart set on human companions rather than our long legged greyhounds.

Rosie is a Chihuahua cross Dachshund or a “Chiweenie’ as they are sometimes called. She has a vibrant, loving personality and gets on great with children and other dogs.

She is just over a year old and still needs to learn how to be a great house dog. We have worked with her on basic training such as sitting and coming to her name. We think her ideal home has dog savvy children to help with her training.

Rosie would love a home with a doggy friend to keep her company, preferably of a similar size to her and able to keep up with her playful puppy antics!

Rosie adores people and really wants to be part of the action, she would be best suited to a family who will include her in their day-to-day lives.
Rosie has had all her vet work done and is ready for adoption. For more information on adopting Rosie please contract GAP on

No photo for Timmy


Timmy is a handsome boy who wants nothing more than to follow his family around and be involved in their lives. Timmy is an energetic pup who loves other dogs and people. We think his ideal home would have a doggy friend for company, possibly one that loves to play as much as he does! Timmy is about to go into foster care and will be ready for adoption in 6-8 weeks.

No photo for Beth


Beth is a very loving girl, currently enjoying country life with her foster carer. She has been introduced to livestock and is showing us that greyhounds can be good country dogs (don’t ask her to round anything up though!). Beth is four years old, but tends to act more like a puppy. She loves to run and play with her foster dog sibling or entertain herself with her toys. She also adores swimming, so would ideally suit a family who can indulge her in this pastime. Beth has had all her vet work done and is ready for adoption.

No photo for Venus


Venus is a darling greyhound, she celebrated her second birthday not long ago and still acts very much like a puppy. Venus would love to join an active family and ideally would like another dog for company. She is currently in foster care living with another greyhound in Mandurah. Her foster carer tells us she is doing really well and settling into home life like a dream. Once Venus has her vet work done she will be ready for adoption.

No photo for Sasha


Sasha is two-years-old and has a calm personality. She is on the quieter side for a greyhound and would benefit from a calmer household as she can get nervous around new situations. We think Sasha would benefit from having an owner who spends a lot of time at home or with a confident doggy companion. Sasha absolutely adores snuggles and would be a really great companion for someone who is home often. Given her calm disposition we think, we the right introductions, Sasha could be cat tolerant. Sasha is ready for a foster to adopt or foster situation.

Photo courtesy of 7 to 1 Photography with Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne via Shutter Paws

No photo for Boomer


If you want a dog with heaps of personality, Boomer is your man! He is gorgeous black greyhound who absolutely adores snuggles. Boomer is in foster care with two dogs of mixed sizes and is getting along with everyone really well. His foster carer tells us he has a sweet habit of following them around hoping to get a head scratch or cuddle. Boomer is great with children and his ideal home would have some dog savvy kids to throw toys and play with. Boomer would not suit a home as an only dog or a home with cats. He has had all his vet work done and is ready for adoption.

Photo courtesy of 7 to 1 Photography with Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne via Shutter Paws

No photo for Ben


Ben is a very handsome lad with his red/dun coat, he is a fun greyhound who really enjoys playing with toys. Ben’s ideal family would have someone home more often than note and maybe some dog savvy children to play with. Ben gets on well with dogs of all sizes and would enjoy a playmate to while away the day while his owner is at work. Ben has just gone into foster as the only dog and we will keep you updated on how he is going. Ben is available for adoption.

Photo courtesy of 7 to 1 Photography with Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne via Shutter Paws