No photo for Indy


Hi, I'm Indy! I think I’m quite possibly the best greyhound ever! I tick all the boxes – even if I do say so myself! I love to play with toys, all types of toys! I like the rope ones, the squeaky ones, the ones that bounce when you throw them and the ones that wiz in the air!

I am super good at walking on leash and am incredibly friendly to everyone I meet. I try my hardest not to pull and I wait patiently when we have to cross a road. I’m good with strangers and with other dogs, but given a preference I would rather play with a medium to large dog than with a little one.

Hmmm … what else … oh yes! I am a bit of an attention seeker and will do almost anything for a pat. Because I revel in hooman attention I think I would do pretty well in agility or dog training, I promise to work my hardest to make you proud!

Photos courtesy of 7 to 1 Photography.

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No photo for Gem


Hi, I'm Gem. I’m a sweet little greyhound with a heart of gold. I love to play, but I’m not overly interested in toys. I sometimes run after them when I’m playing in the yards with the volunteers, but truthfully I’d rather just stick by the hoomans and have a pat.

I get on really well with the other dogs at GAP, big and small, but I can sometimes forget my own size. Because of this I think I would prefer to have a medium to large doggy friend in my forever home so we can play together properly.

I’ve been working really hard on my leash manners and have come a long way in a short space of time. I try my hardest not to pull on leash and have even mastered some simple commands when out for a walk. I understand “stop” and “go” and would very much like to learn more hooman words – maybe you’d like to take me to agility or obedience training?

Photos courtesy of 7 to 1 Photography.

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No photo for Blazer


I’ve been told that walking me is like walking a floating ‘cotton candy’ as I don’t pull on the lead at all. I’m not really sure what cotton candy is exactly, but if it’s been used to describe me it must be good!

I have a soft personality and am the quintessential greyhound shadow – I enjoy seeing what you are doing and plodding along behind you as you go about your day-to-day tasks. Because I’m so gentle I have been told I would be an ideal family dog or very well suited to an older retired couple.

I’m really looking forward to meeting my new family, do you think it might be you?

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No photo for Champ


Hi, I'm Champ. I’ve been told my name fits me perfectly! I’m really friendly, lovable and fun, or as you could say ... a real champ!
I’m pretty excited about finding my forever home, I know I will make a really good pet. I think I’d like a friend in my new home, I’m not a huge fan of being alone. This company doesn’t necessarily have to be another dog - although I love dogs so I’m open to that option too! If you are home more often then not I’d be happy with that too. I’ve been told there’s a thing called a ‘stay-at-home mum’ and think this could work perfectly,
I’ve had a chat with the other dogs here in kennels and they’ve told me about these mythical creatures called ‘cats’. I think I’d be okay living with one or two of them, providing you helped me learn how to interact with them appropriately.
I’ve not lived in a foster home yet and would love the opportunity to learn home life with my new family. What do you say? Shall we give it a go?

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No photo for Lainie


Hi, I’m Lainine. I’m a young greyhound at only 18 months-old. I’ve been told I have an ‘endearing’ personality and while I don’t know what that means I do know I love people and dogs and am very very friendly.
I think I’d like to be part of a family and would really like some kids to play with. Having said that, I think I’d prefer slightly older children as I sometimes get intimidated by loud noises.
I love all the dogs at GAP and get on really well with the small assessor dogs too. I’ve even met the resident cats at GAP and only got a little excited to see them. I heard the GAP Officers saying that they think I could be cat tolerant given the correct introductions and training. I can get a little lonely so would like my new home to either have another dog to keep me company or an owner who is home often.d

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No photo for Tank


Hi, I'm Tank! I got my name for my wider than average head, I’m told it resembles an army tank … hence the name. Personally I don’t see the resemblance, but I rather like the name so I’m okay with it.

I’m a pretty laid back kind of guy and think I’d be happy living in pretty much any home environment. I like other dogs and get on great with the small dogs at GAP, but I also really enjoy spending time just me. I like having time to contemplate the big questions in life, like which is the better flavoured treat chicken or beef … I’ still can’t decide.

I’ve met a few cats while living at GAP and I don’t mind them. I’m not saying I want to be their best friend or anything, but I think I could co-live with some. As long as my new family helped me learn what acceptable behaviour was, after all I don’t speak cat!

If anything I’ve told you today tickles your fancy, be sure to give the team at GAP a call and ask to meet me!

Photo courtesy of 7 to 1 Photography with Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne via Shutter Paws.

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No photo for Vlad


I’m a relaxed, chilled out kind of guy and really love to bask in the sun. I’m not sure if you know this, but sun baking is ever better when you have black fur because you pull all that lovely warmth in!

I have met all kinds of dogs since living at GAP and I get on with them okay. I often get described as patient and tend to gravitate towards people rather than other dogs. Other dogs are okay, but I sometimes find them a little annoying if I’m honest.

I really enjoy heading out on adventures and hang out for that special word ‘walkies’! While I love going for a walk, I don’t have a massive need to rush everywhere. Preferring to take my time the volunteers often comment on my excellent leash manners.

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No photo for Sooty


Eeek! Sorry for the bad photo, I kind of look like a deer in headlights don’t I? Oh well, hopefully you will look past it and realise what a catch I am!

I have a really soft personality and like to think I have a high tolerance level. Sometimes it can get a little noisy in the kennels and while the other dogs are barking or getting worked up I can often be found snoozing or chilling on my bed.

The staff at GAP affectionately call me their ‘Dopey Dude’ when they lean down to give me a cuddle. I hope they aren’t mistaking my super-doggy tolerance for stupidity, because I am in fact a very quick learner!

For my forever home I think I’d most like a home where I am the only dog. Don’t get me wrong, I get on fine with all the dogs at GAP but I really like my own space and think maybe a home with a single guy would be the perfect fit for me.

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No photo for Zeb


Hi, I'm Zeb. I’m a super happy, joyous greyhound eager to meet you and shower you with kisses! You do like doggy kisses don’t you? Who am I kidding, EVERYONE likes doggy kisses!
Let me see, what can I tell you about me ... I’ve spent some time living in foster care, both as an only dog and with another dog. Out of the two I much preferred living with another dog and really enjoy the company. My ideal home would have a playful furry friend to explore and go on adventures with!
Speaking of adventures, I’d love to join a family keen to take me with them when they go out. I’d really like to be considered part of the family.
I’m only four-years-old and have soo much life and love still to give. If you think I could be your ideal four-legged friend get in touch with the team at GAP. I’d really like to meet you. Love Zeb xx

Photo courtesy of 7 to 1 Photography with Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne via Shutter Paws.

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No photo for Holly


I’m slightly older than most of the dogs coming through GAP, but that doesn’t mean I’m boring! Far from it, I’m a loving, sweet, confident greyhound (even if I do say so myself).

When I was at the GAP Kennels the volunteers and staff always told me what a good girl I was, I think it’s because I walk so well on a lead. I really enjoy walks, I just don’t see the need to race off to reach a destination. I’d much rather take my time and enjoy the smells along the way.

I’m in an awesome foster home at the moment living with a Malamute who I just love! Truth be told I actually love all dogs and would really like my forever home to have a friend for me to spend time with. That being said, I think I would also be okay living as an only dog as long as I wasn’t left alone for too long.

I’ve heard there is a magical thing called ‘retirement’ where people get to stay home all the time! Wouldn’t that be great?! We could spend all day together!

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