No photo for Brandy


Do you want a tiny, dynamic package? If so, Brandy is the dog for you! She is a very playful greyhound with plenty of personality.

With a prominent Roman nose, Brandy has a charismatic face that makes for a very photogenic hound. Brandy is still young, not yet two, and is at a great age to learn new things. She would suit a family interested in working to continue her training or maybe even introduce her to agility.

Brandy will soon enter a foster home and will be available for adoption soon. Get in quick, Brandy won’t last long!

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No photo for Sonic


Sonic is big greyhound with a stunning blue coat, this combination makes him a very handsome lad indeed. Because Sonic is a big greyhound he can be rather strong, we think his ideal family would need to either be dog savvy or happy to take on basic obedience training with him.

Sonic is about to go into a foster home with two German Short-haired Pointers, we think he will be a great match for such energetic companions!

While Sonic doesn’t mind playing with toys he is more content playing around the yard with human companions. Because of this we think his ideal forever home either has someone home more often than not or a doggy friend to keep him company.

Sonic will be ready to enter a Foster-to-Adopt situation in a couple of weeks.

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No photo for Fuller


Do you need a house fuller’ love? If you do we have the Greyhound for you! Fuller is our resident model with photogenic blonde fur and soulful brown eyes. Fuller’s personality is just as beautiful, this six-year-old boy is all about cuddles and playing with toys.

He is a smart cookie and has already learnt ‘fetch’ works and to come to his name … most of the time. Because Fuller is slightly older he has reached a placid stage in life and seems equally happy snuggling up to his humans or play around with other dogs in the yard.

Given his personality we think Fuller could be okay living as either an only dog or with another dog for company. Fuller has just gone into foster care as an only dog and will be ready for adoption soon.

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No photo for Delilah


Delilah is a sweet three-year-old girl who equally enjoys playing in the yard and roaching on her bed. She has great leash manners and would ideally suit an active family looking to get out and about with their hound.

Delilah isn’t very interested in toys, but she does love to play and bound out. We think she would be great in a home with another dog to keep her company. Because of her gentle nature we think Delilah would be great with children of any age.

Delilah is ready to enter a Foster-to-Adopt situation.

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No photo for Glory


Glory is having a ball in her current foster home living with a female Poodle cross. Her foster carer tells us she seems to really be enjoying the company and is an absolute dream to have at home.

Glory is a really clever girl and has picked up house manners very quickly. Because of her natural curiosity to learn we think she will be great for a family looking to do agility and obedience training with their dog.

Glory can be a bit exuberant with her love for toys so we think she would be better suited to a home with older dog savvy children. Glory has had all her vet work done and is ready to enter a Foster-to-Adopt situation.

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No photo for Teddy


Teddy is a young greyhound, only two-years-old. Since being in kennels he has shown us how much he loves the companion of other dogs. His ideal home would have a playful doggy companion to entertain him when his human family are at work. Teddy really love to play so would probably be suited to a larger, playful doggy friend.

Teddy's other great love is the car, so if you want a road tripping kind of dog, Teddy is your man!

He is availabe for a foster or foster-to-adopt situation.

Photo courtesy of 7 to 1 Photography with Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne via ShutterPaws.

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No photo for Hurri


Are you in a Hurri for a new family member? We have just the greyhound for you! Hurri is a beautiful, big greyhound who carries himself with elegant grace. We absolutely adore watching him trot around the yard.

Hurri has very good lead manners and our volunteers are even starting to teach him how to walk to heel. He is a playful greyhound and loves squeaky toys. Because of his size and love of toys we think he would be best suited to a family with older children – just while he is learning to give his toys back. Hurri has just gone into foster care with another greyhound and will be ready for adoption in a few weeks’ time.

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No photo for Trigger


Trigger is a lovely, big boy! You really wouldn't guess by looking at him that he's only two-years-old. He is a stunning black and while boy with a velvet soft coat. Trigger has spent the last few months in our Bunbury Prison Program learning all kids of fun things like how to walk at heal, go to his bed, take treats gently and other general house-hold manners.

We think Trigger would be best suited to a high energy household, he loves to be a part of day-to-day happenings. Given his energetic, bubbly personality we think he would be happy living as either an only dog or with another dog for company. Trigger's ideal home would have older dog savvy children and a family with dog experience to continue his training.

While in foster care Trigger spent time living on a semi rural property and seemed to really enjoy the experience. His foster carer often found him playing in water troughs and exploring all the sites and smells.

If you think Trigger could be the perfect addition to your family get in touch and have a chat with one of our GAP Officers.

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No photo for Moana


Moana is a very sweet, gentle greyhound. She can be on the shyer side initially so would suit a quieter household with some dog savvy children. Patience is worth is with Moana, once she feels comfortable with you she is a wonderful companion and wants constant cuddles.

Moana is still a puppy at only 18 months, it’s lovely to watch her gain more confidence every day. We think her ideal home has another dog for company or an owner who is home more often than not. Because of her quiet disposition we think, given the correct introductions, Moana could be cat tolerant. She is ready to enter a Foster-to-Adopt situation.

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No photo for Chubby


Chubby is a beautiful, playful greyhound who we rarely see without a toy in his mouth. He will follow you around encouragingly until you take the toy from him and have a play.

Chubby or "The Chubster" as he is affectionately known at our kennels is a big sook who adores people time and loves to romp around with other dogs.

Because Chubby is still learning to share his toys we think he would be better suited to a family with older children. We think his ideal home would also have another large dog for company, that being said, he could also be okay living as an only dog. Chubby still has a lot of energy and would benefit from an experienced owner to keep up his training.

Chubby is only two-years-old, he has just transitioned from his gangly teenage years and is turning into a real stunning boy. Chubby is ready for a Foster-to-Adopt or Foster situation.

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