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Im Alex pleased to meet you. As you can see im rather a good looking boy of the monochrome persuasion if i do say so myself. So Im looking to be a companion to a cat person, someone who understands that sometimes a cat likes affection and some days we just want to be left on our comfortable perch on the window sill to sunbake in peace. I dont really want a home with live in young children as tummy squeezes arent my thing but hey if they visit sometimes thats cool I will okay with that.
Im litter trained and happy as an idoor man, at 3.5 years old im healthy and ready for the rest of my life as your companion.
So the people here at HFH said i needed to tell you about myself so you would share me far and wide to see if that perfect owner is out there for me. They also said if you are that home drop them an email and if you are the one im yours.

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Hi everyone. It's me...TOMMY....the adorable tabby-boy!
I'm so excited cause my foster mum said that now that I'm 12 weeks old and a big boy, we can find me my very own furever home! How great will that be?
I've been living with my mum, Annabelle, so I'm used to feline company but if I had my own human or humans to spend time with me I could also be very happy by myself.
I'm an indoor-only kitten ( I've never been outside in my life) so would like to continue that way. If you had a cat enclosure I would get used to that in time and I'm sure I would love it.
My foster mum says I'm extremely playful and totally loveable and that she will miss me terribly but she knows that it's time I had my own family.
I'm a good boy. I'm tidy in my litter tray. I've been vaccinated and desexed . Now I would love someone to come along and fall in love with me and carry me off to my happily ever after.

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Meet our stunningly handsome Butternut.
The snuggliest, purriest, kissiest ranga eva!
Butternut is a lovely 4 month old boy with super slinky soft fur, who just oozes charm and personality.
Nothing fazes this boy - he is outgoing, cheeky, playful and totally smoochy.
Butternut just wants to be with his person. He runs to greet you and just wants to be held and played with. Wherever you are - he will be there. He will sit on your shoulders or on your chest and give you the loveliest sandpaper kisses....on your face, your neck, your lips!
His leg weaving skills will leave you amused and amazed. He is happy co-existing with small, friendly dogs, tidy in his litter tray and just a joy to have around.
Butternut is looking for an indoor home ( a cat run would be lovely but not essential), he is happy to be the one and only love of your life and is ready and waiting for his special person or family.

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Meet Flick. If you are looking to add an out-going, energetic, playful kitten to your family - Flick is the girl for you.
She is a happy, confident, 10 week old, short-haired little lady , who just loves a head rub and a back scratch. She arches her back and flicks her tail happily, hence her name.
Flick is litter trained, happy to live with other kittens, friendly adult cats and is ok with small, cat-friendly dogs.
She is happy to be handled and carried around and is just so easy-going.
Flick is looking for a home where she will be a much loved, valued family member.

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This little kitten is a little bit Swish. So that's what we named her.
Swish is such a lovely little girl. Only 10 weeks old and beautiful inside and out. A gentle girl, who is happy to sit with you and watch the world go by. She is very playful, very cuddly and very sweet. She gets on well with other kittens and small, cat-friendly dogs. She is happy to be handled, enjoys a snuggle in your arms and finds the best spots in the house for her kitten-naps.
Swish is litter trained and looking for a home where she will be loved forever.

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Remi is a handsome affectionate young cat. Remi loves a good back stroke and will purr like crazy when hes getting affection. He is well litter trained and ready to go in to your home.
Remi is used to cat friendly dogs and other cats. This little guy is super fun and ready for his new forever family.
Please complete one of our adoption questionnaires from our website at: (they are linked from the front page).

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Cuddlepie is a non stop purr machine.
This happy, gentle, playful girl is a delight to have around. She is happy to be picked up and carried around and her beautiful, soft coat has the most stunning markings.
A little on the chubby side (we all like our food around here), she looks so cute with her little short legs. She is happy to live with other cats (currently living with her sister), very tidy in her litter tray and confident with small cat-friendly dogs.
We think Cuddlepie is the perfect package. Now all she needs is her purrfect home.

Apply at

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Maisie Rose

Looking for an "socially outgoing" type of cat?
Look no further - we have just the girl for you.
Maisie-Rose is just the most delightful, loving, chilled out cat. (Our foster carer is in love!)
Just a young girl at 10 months old, Maisie-Rose has an easy going nature, loves a cuddle, ear rub, back scratch etc. She is happy to be picked up and carried around and will sit on your shoulders, wrapped around your neck.
Her medium length fur is so soft and would benefit from an occassional brush (more opportunities for more cuddles!)
Maisie-Rose is litter trained, friendly towards other cats and ok with small cat-friendly dogs.
She is looking for that special someone (or family) so that the rest happy forever after life can begin.

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Snugglepot is such a gentle, laid-back girl.
So easy going, so easy to have around. She is a pretty girl with beautiful markings on her coat. Her little white paws are so soft and her ginger highlights are gorgeous. She is happy to be handled and carried about. She will lie upside down in your arms like a baby - all four feet in the air. She is happy living with other cats (currently living with her sister) and also happy to be with small cat-friendly dogs.
Snugglepot is playful, snuggly, litter trained and looking for a loving home.

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Meet Sterling.
This big, stunning boy will appeal to those who like their feline friends on the larger scale.
Weighing in at just under 6kgs, this medium haired, grey tabby boy (with a possible touch of Maine Coon, our vet thinks) is an armful (well, two armfuls actually) of love and smooch.
Sterling is a leg weaver extraordinaire, a shoulder sitter and he loves to lie in your arms and flip himself over, so then he is on his back (4paws in the air) while you massage his back and head. Happy boy!
Sterling is approximately 5 years old, well behaved, tidy in his litter tray and seems ok with small dogs.
He is looking for a loving home, someone who will brush his luxurious mane occassionally and shower him with affection.
Apply at

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