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Meet our divine Maximus.
This laid-back, chilled-out little guy is amazing. Nothing fazes him.
He is quite beautiful with his lovely coat markings and his cute spotted tummy (our vets believe he has a dash of Bengal)
Beautiful on the inside too as he has the most gentle and loving personality.
Maximus started life as the tiniest in his litter. He has grown into such a loving, cuddly boy - purring almost non-stop and more than happy to lay upside down in your hands and have his head and back massaged at the same time. SO relaxing!
Maximus would love an indoor home, with or without other feline company as long as his humans had lots of love and some time to play and cuddle with him.
Maximus is litter trained, ok with small cat-friendly dogs and is looking for a home where he can be a special member of the family.

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Meet Lollypop.
This gorgeous, short-haired girl is quite the package.
She has the elegance and poise of a ballerina. She is beutiful on the inside and with her long elegant body, pretty markings and beautiful long tail from her possible Bengal relative shes gourgues outside too.
As her name suggests, Lollypop is a total sweetie. She loves a cuddle, loves to play and is looking for the right home to call her own. An indoor home (with or without an outside cat enclosure) would be perfect.
Lollypop loves human company - one of her favourite pastimes is to lay upside down in your hands and have a head and back massage at the same time - total bliss - do this and you will win her heart forever.
Lollypop is litter trained, ok with other friendly kittens and small cat-friendly dogs and ready to dazzle her new family with her charms.

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Meet our darling Muppet.
When that kissable, squishable face looks at us - we just melt. She is such a sweetie - a joy to have around. She is gentle but still very playful and enjoys taking her kitten naps on a comfy human lap.
She loves cuddling and snuggling and sitting up over your shoulder while you tickle her ears.
Muppet is very tidy in her litter tray, will happily live with other friendly cats - or as an only cat and is confident with small cat-friendly dogs.
At only 12 weeks old Muppet has a lot of love to give and fun to share with her furever family.

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Gem Application Number Max Reached Thank You

Little Gem is just that a sweet little gem of a girl she is your quintessential little lap dog weighing in at a huge 3.5kg.
Gem loves a cuddle and will potter about in the garden with you or be your couch companion.
Gems exercise needs are small she can get by with a short walk or play in a decent sized back yard.
Gem is good with all in the family and handles most dogs in fact she minds the big ones manners very nicely making sure they dont step on her or get too boisterous, though with a human who is home a lot im sure she wouldnt mind being a single dog either.
Gem has recently had a dental and had a number of teeth removed this means she does require a modified diet and currently she has small regular meals of chicken, veges and rice.
Gem has commenced housetraining and is fine with regular trips outdoors. She is also cratetrained.
Gem is fine with cats being smaller than some but very trusting of them so could be in danger if your cats a bit of a grouch.

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No photo for Kirby   Application Number Max Reached Thank You

Kirby Application Number Max Reached Thank You

Quiet gentle human companion.
Kirby is a playful young dog whose tail never stops wagging. He has a beautiful nature and loves children and adults alike. He likes nothing better than being by your side while outside in the garden or inside next to you on the sofa for a some cuddle time.
He sits happily while being groomed and loves it when the carers grandchildren sit and brush him.
Kirby is a dream on the lead, he doesn't react to other dogs or traffic and walks nicely by your side. He's not a barker and doesn't dig or chew things.
He has been friendly with all the dogs he has come into contact with while in foster care.
Kirby is good in the car and sits quietly when taken out for coffee or lunch.
Kirby is an affectionate companion dog who loves being around people.
Kirby is a little taller than a shih tzu in size.
Kirby is not suitable for homes with free rangeing poultry and like all terriers would be an opportunistic escaper so fences will need to be be free of small dog size holes at ground level.

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Poppy is a a great little dog, she is dog social generally it seems with all sizes, breeds and both males and females.Poppy is also good with cats inside.
Poppy is an active small medium sized girl about the size of a beagle but slighter, we think she is a husky crossed with something much smaller.
Poppy is crate trained and remaining dry sleeping through the night, so should transition into her new home well.
A bright and active young dog her best situation would be with another social dog who likes to play as she loves a game of chasey.
Poppy will need some further general obedience training with leash recall etc. She does like to jump up for attention so her training not to do so will need to be continued.
Poppy has no interest in climbing or jumping standard fences and so doesnt have the husky escaper gene from that sode of the family.

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Meet Lotti our hound cross girl. Lotti is turning into a well rounded young girl and is ready for her forever home.
Lotti we believe is a large hound cross with something a lot smaller resulting in a beagle sized girl or a little shorter.
Lotti is very affectionate, loves the car, no trouble with an indoor cat and is dog social having played and lived well with up to medium sized dogs.
Lotti is good with her food she does not display any guarding issues.
Lotti has been fostered on a rural property with horses and has no issues with them.
Lotti has commenced house training and with regular visits outside will reward your further training.
Lotti enjoys a run in a fenced area and walks on lead well. Her exercise needs are moderate.
Can be a little unsure with the new things but a confident owner will bring her the assuredness she needs to take it all on.

She will make you will fall in love with her!

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Meet our sweet Leonie.
This little girl is a really lovely cat. She is so relaxed - nothing seems to faze her. She is great with people, happy with other cats and fine with small cat - friendly dogs.
Her little purr-motor just doesn't stop. She is a gentle girl, not a scratch in sight, loves being cuddled and is happy to be carried about.
She is playful, healthy and litter trained.
What more can we say?
At only 1 year old she has a lot of loving to give to her purrfect family!

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Aiko And Tsuki

Both girls have quite different personalities. Aiko (Chocolate Point) is quite active and will retrieve balls if thrown. She loves to play with toy mice and all the usual cat toys especially if there is human participation. She is more vocal than Tsuki(Lilac point) and quite demanding of attention at times, really quite typical of the breed.

Tsuki is a quiet girl although she too will let me know when it’s dinner time! Tsuki’s favourite toy is a life like mouse which usually ends up under the fridge where she will wait patiently for it to come out. At their age now they both sleep curled up on the couch together for most of the day and thay have never fretted if left alone. They have always had a scratching post and we have not had any furniture damaged. And I should add that they are quite smart cats and will come to you when called by name.
Both girls have pedigree certificates.

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Leon is a gentle boy, loves a good chin scratch and ear rub and a warm, comfy spot for his afternon nap. A clean and not to energetic cat he would be a perfect companion for an apartment dweller
Leon is a medium haired boy and loves a good brush now and again to help keep his luxurious coat in tip top condition.
He would prefer to be the only feline in the home and must be an indoor cat , or have access to a shaded/sheltered cat run. (Due to his very pink skin)

Leon is ready amd waiting to meet his perfect match/family.

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