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Our newest brindle baby Cardon is ready for his new home, and isn’t he just stunning! This boy has such magnificent markings he looks like a tiger cub.

Cardon has the most beautiful nature and is very friendly with both people and other animals. He has met a range of dogs and has even had exposure to chickens and goats! Cardon didn’t have a lot of exposure before coming into care and although he seems to take everything in his stride, his new family will need to be prepared to take him out and about with them often to show him the big wide world.

His new family needs to be committed to his ongoing training and socialisation. A family willing to go to puppy school and continue his education is what we are seeking. He is a very smart boy and picks things up quickly! Cardon has very sharp puppy teeth and is currently going through his bitey puppy stage and families with children will need to ensure their kids are dog savvy and able to manage this part of puppyhood.

He will be moderately active when he is older and will need a decent amount of daily exercise to fulfill his needs. We are looking for a family that will provide Cardon with a good quality diet as his coat was quite dull coming into care.

Cardon must be allowed inside as part of the family and be provided with a warm, comfy bed inside to sleep on of a night. He is a very cruisey dog and could integrate into a home with children and other animals. We are looking for a family that either has another playful dog at home for company or someone who is home most of the time.

If you think you can provide Cardon with the loving and fulfilling home that he deserves, please head on over to our Fetching Dog’s website and fill in an adoption enquiry form as the next step in the process.

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Water boy, goofy, lots of laughs, explorer, best bud, sporting potential. All the things that describes our boy Hofa.

Hofa loves his bushwalks and has put a daily explore on his requirements checklist. He loves to sniff and bound around on the trails. Zoomies are the best time for you to laugh. This goof will run like crazy and then barrel roll into the grass. When I say he’s a water boy, I really mean he is a water boy. Any puddles, any dam, any river he is in! He won’t get out of the water until you tell him its time to leave.

Hofa is still very excitable when meeting people and is quite the nippy jumper. This area has improved but still needs continued work and constant reminding.

Dogs! He is very excited for dog play and is quiet full on which is too much for some dogs. He is still learning how to read other dogs body language and sometimes needs you to step in and remind him it’s time to walk away or find a different thing to play with. Like any puppy he will still need structure and exposure how to handle situations that involve dogs.

If you’re a sucker for puppy dog eyes, then put a blindfold on! Hofa will suck you in! What about cute little groans and talking...Yep he's going to run the house. He definitely tries to get what he wants by being absolutely adorable but what he needs is a leader that will provide structure, consistency and continued training and outlets.

He is definitely one who loves to cuddle and just be with you. He loves a good snug in the evening..and the morning..and pretty much any time.. and loves a good head rub. He has many hilarious sleeping positions; upside down, head smushed under a dog bed, head smushed into the couch gaps, half off the couch, head smushed into his crate wall, squished in between the curtains and door so he can be in the sun...

Hofa is toilet and crate trained. He is learning how to relax quicker and for longer periods but continues to need outlets (detailed below) as well as general walks for a chance to explore. He is calm in the car in the crate for extended periods. He will enter and exit the car on cue. He walks through the back door on cue. He exits the crate on cue.

When he manages to be calm (often after a good session of something) he will settle inside or in the yard or crate even in the presence of another dog so long as they are also settled. He is still learning what is his in the house and what is not shoes and the bin but is doing well.

Hofa has had hit the jackpot in terms of a foster carer. She is a dog trainer and is involved in the dog sport GRC. He has shown his love and potential in a sport outlet like GRC. He has great food and toy drive.

He is a gun on the mill and gosh he loves it! He has been introduced to cues; start, slow and stop. The spring pole is another favourite past time. He bites it on cue and enjoys the game, and like any male loves to win the toy. He has started a drag work program to develop his body for healthy living as a fit dog and to condition him for potential weight pull in the sport.

The boring stuff like loose leash walking and obedience have been set and will need to further development and reinforcement.

Please don’t apply if you’re in a unit or this will be your first pet. Hofa is on only suitable for someone with an active lifestyle wanting to have their dog be a part of it, has a secure backyard, with or without another dog but a dog that may suit his energy needs and play style to ensure it’s a match. Someone who isn't afraid to rough house with a dog. He can be rough and that is just his personality. Perfect for someone who wants to actually do something specific with their dog like a sport. He has been trained and done all the foundation work in preparation for GRC Dogsports so someone who is willing to get into that fun sport and continue training will have a blast with this dog.

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