No photo for Lola ** Love Bug Angel **

Lola ** Love Bug Angel **

Adopt me - Lola

I’ve never met a more instantly perfect cat.

Lola came in off the streets and right into my heart. She’s amazing! She loves attention, loves to love, wants to be close to people, has a great appetite and wants to explore everything. My suspicion is that she’s been a house cat at some point because she already knows how to use a litter tray and she goes mad for human food.

Lola’s gorgeous cinnamon and white coat is marred only by one small scratch on her nose from the trap, but that is healing rapidly.

She would happily share her space with other cats, small dogs, kids, adults, or would even be suitable for someone elderly.

Name: Lola
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
FIV: Negative
Adoption fee: $200
Location: Central Coast NSW

Call Sarah on 0416747560 for more information.

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No photo for Phoenix ** So Special **

Phoenix ** So Special **

Adopt me - Phoenix

This stunning black long haired beauty came into care with one kitten and was trying for the next litter. Only 10 months old with a 4 month old baby, she’s still a baby herself!

Phoenix has proven herself gentle, loving, easygoing, happy, relaxed and full of purrs. She’s still a little jumpy around loud noises and sudden movements - you’d have to be, living on the streets - but with a bit of time she’ll settle into a beautiful couch potato.

Ideally I’d love to find her a home with her son Dobby but she would be fine with another friendly cat for company. A friendly dog and older kids (teenagers and older) would also be suitable.

She will need to be combed out occasionally as she does have a long thick coat that will need some maintenance. She loves loves loves rubbing her face and head on combs.

Name: Phoenix
Gender: Female
Age: 10 months
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
FIV: Negative
Adoption fee: $200
Location: Central Coast NSW

For further information call Sarah on 0416747560.

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No photo for Teddy ** Pure Breed Rottweiler **

Teddy ** Pure Breed Rottweiler **


Teddy is a four year old Rottweiler In need of a loving home.
He is not the typical size of a male Rottweiler, Teddy is 33kgs so a lot smaller.
He is a typical Rottweiler with his loyalty and big heart.
Teddy is a loving boy who is good with female dogs.
Teddy has had several female foster doggie friends and welcomes them happily in his home.
Teddy sleeps inside and is house trained.
He is not a dog that is not allowed inside, Teddy is used to being part of the household.
Teddy needs a home where he will be part of the family.
If you have Rottweiler experience and love Rottweilers then you will love this boy.
If you like to meet this handsome boy please text or call only his dad Sean on 0459 790 050
No emails will be answered.
Location Sydney City.

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No photo for Cc


CC is a sassy little thing who is sure to liven up your life with mischievous antics and fun times

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No photo for Diva  Ct20 183

Diva Ct20 183

Diva is just stunning. She is a littler ex-feral that came to us at the start of June, scared and afraid of a loving touch. Now, she will happily sit for pats and purr her little heart out for you.

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No photo for Dixi  Ct20 180

Dixi Ct20 180

Dixi is one of our little rehabbed ferals that came in some time ago. She's all loving and friendly now and ready to go to a new home. She can still be a little shy at times, but wont run from affection

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No photo for Archie


Introducing Archie!

Archie is an 18 month old boy and is the most unique and quirky young man.

Archie has a very special best friend...a toothbrush (aka Toothie) he loves nothing more than being scratched under his chin and rubbing himself all over his bestie. He also likes to give him kisses and nibbles with his remaining 2 teeth so even though he doesn't have many they are always nice and clean.

He also enjoys chasing anything on a string, diving head first into his bean bag and has the funniest meow that almost sounds like a honk (I told you he was quirky!)

He is a very sociable boy and would do well in a home with another cat to keep him company.

He is still learning to be friends with humans so he would be looking for a special someone who will give him lots of patience, pats and play time to help him continue adapting. He already loves being given back and bum scratches and always accepts a chin scratch from Toothie.

Come meet this gorgeous boy at his foster home in Hope Valley.

Archie has been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated. His adoption fee is $90.

If you would like to express your interest in Archie, please fill in an application using the link below:

For more information, please message our Facebook page, contact us on 0416 364 228 or send an email to

SA Breeder DACO110502

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No photo for Lacey


Introducing Lacey!

Lacey came into care as a pregnant stray who was very frightened, and took some time to adjust to being an indoor cat.
She has come a long way and every day Lacey comes out of her shell a little more; she is very curious in nature.

She loves playing with toys, having a scratch on a scratch pad, napping in the sun, and her absolute favourite is a cheek rub!
Lacey loves being the centre of attention, and will follow you around to investigate what you’re doing in the hopes of getting a cuddle for her good work!

In a new home, Lacey may startle at loud noises and sudden movements to begin with, but we are sure she will adjust well with time. She's been in a home with older children while she raised her bubs, and has met other cats and small dogs with no issue.

Can you help Lacey find her Happily Ever After?

Name: Lacey
Breed: DMH
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years approx
Cuddle scale: 8/10
Litter Trained: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes
Child Friendly: older kids
Indoor ONLY cat
Vet work completed: Yes
Fee: $145
Location: Ipswich QLD
Diet: Premium quality cat wet and dry food
Contact email address:
If you are interested in this cat, you can enquire about them at If you would like to donate to our charity please go to the ‘Donate’ page on our website. PetRescue does not foster our pets or pay their cost, just manages the website.

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No photo for Tango


Introducing Tango!

Sweet Tango is is like the lion from Wizard of Oz - he's missing his courage! He's a big boy, who was, until recently, a stray cat who has now learned humans can be nice and laps are warm and for snuggling!

He is a big teddy bear and loves to cuddle with his people. A quiet, predictable indoor home would suit Tango best - if someone is home a lot - even better! He is still a little scared of strange and loud noises, so a slow and gentle introduction to home life would be best. We are unsure how he is with other cats or dogs, so a single pet home is preferable.

Can you help Tango find his Happily Ever After?

Name: Tango
Breed: DSH
Sex: male
Age: 3 years
Cuddle scale: 7/10
Litter Trained: Yes
Cat Friendly: unknown
Dog Friendly: unknown
Child Friendly: older kids
Indoor ONLY cat
Vet work completed: Yes
Fee: $145
Location: Ipswich QLD
Diet: Premium quality cat food
Contact email address:
If you are interested in this cat, you can enquire about them at If you would like to donate to our charity please go to the ‘Donate’ page on our website. PetRescue does not foster our pets or pay their cost, just manages the website.

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No photo for Alibi


Male (D)
12 Months Old

Located : Chipping Norton, NSW

Should the cops come calling I can quite honestly say that I would be the most airtight and believable Alibi you will ever come across. For under oath I can and do solemnly swear that I. Saw. Nothing.

Having been born blind I can't miss what I never had and I prove this to you with my confidence and tenacity, as I soldier on through this thing called life with the cheesiest grin on my face. Oh, and a reliance upon my heightened sense of hearing and smell.

Aside from these special considerations I am your typical rascal of a puppy. Getting me to sit still is like telling a kid who's been let loose in a candy store to watch their sugar intake. Kinda redundant.

Outside the home you'll find me diligently applying myself to attaining my degree in landscaping, with a focus on excavation. Inside the home I like to climb into bathtubs, then sit there barking my sammy little head off until one of my many disciples takes pity on me and helps me out. Actually, you may wish to keep your bathroom door permanently shut for I've been known to stick my head underneath the sounds of tinkle and it's not unusual to find me at the end of the toilet roll I've mapped throughout the house.

BUT WAIT! I can redeem myself - I am otherwise non-destructive within the home and toilet trained to boot. Should I be in need of some time out or it's time for lights out, upon your command I merrily make my way to my crate a.k.a my safe zone.

Under all this goofiness and joy de vivre is a serious case of The Smarts. Having learned basic "blind dog" commands to keep me safe, I track both existing and new environments like a boss so never fear to take me outside what you feel is my comfort zone.

My canine foster siblings quite literally worship the ground I walk on, even that grumpy little ankle biter who doesn't really "do" other dogs is in love. I'll let you in on a secret - the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately my bombastic and initial OTT ways don't always find favour with others, and I do think my seemingly unblinking eyes may freak them out some. Never fear I win them over so it goes without saying (and is non-negotiable) that there must be at least one other friendly and playful dog within my new home.

Have I mentioned yet that I'm cat friendly? I mean it's just a weird smelling dog, right? Albeit one who likes to hang off my tail, play clawsies with my snout and entice me into games of hide and seek that it always seems to win.

At this point it's apropos to talk about the most important part of the equation - my humans. I will likely bond with one person within the home foremost, however I am an equal opportunity lover of all who wish to lavish their attention upon my floofy self. Like most blind dogs I use my mouth to communicate my wants and needs so it's best that any human offspring be of teenage + years. I would hate myself forever if I inadvertently hurt tender and thin wee-skin with my speech!

Although I would love it if you were home with me 24/7, you won't find me suffering from any separation anxiety when you need to leave me behind. FOMO when you're around however... hell to the yes so you'll need to find that an endearing trait.

Welcome me into your world and allow me to prove that I may be missing my sight, but I'm not missing out on life.

To express your interest in adoption in the first instance please complete the following form:

Includes desexing, current C5 vaccination, HW test, current internal and external parasite treatment, and lifetime registration if adopted in the State of NSW.

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