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Meet Shadrach! Shadrach came to us as a three-week old bottle baby. Bottle babies are very different to a normal kitten, as they are hand-raised. They are extremely human oriented, and as a result have no fear of humans and absolutely adore us! Most of the time they are also raised in foster homes with other cats and dogs, so are extremely social animals who would fit well into any family. Bottle babies have no idea that there is anything to fear in life, so are absolutely not suited to being outdoor cats as they do not have the same survival instincts, having been raised by humans - not a mother cat. Therefore, they must be strictly indoor-only, as they have don't know that cats and dogs and humans are not always friends, nor how to survive. Shaddy purrs constantly and loves being held. He is a laidback boy who doesn't scare easily. He would ideally suit a home with other animals or kids, because he is extremely social and loves everyone. Please PM us to meet Shadrach! Name: Shadrach Sex: Male Colour: Tabby Breed: DSH DOB: 6/5/2020 Adoption Fee: $199.00 which goes towards the cost of desexing, microchip, up-to-date vaccinations and worming, vet check.

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Meet Clarke! Darling Clarke came to us when he was handed into the vet as a stray. Little Clarke deserves the utmost love and attention. His personality would suit a quieter home as he does fright easily from loud noises. Having said this he is no shrinking violet, his zoomies around the house are off the charts! He loves his cuddle time with his humans and returns affections with little licks and love nibbles Please PM or email us to meet Clarke Name: Clarke Sex: Male Colour: Black Breed: DSH DOB: 22/04/2020 Adoption Fee: $199, which goes towards the cost of Desexing, Microchip, up to date Vaccination & Worming and Vet Check Good with: other Kitties and Dogs

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Buster is a pint sized 4 year old English Staffy. He along with another dog came into our care when his owners surrendered them, we don’t believe he had much of an inside life or even really was walked much.
He’s in care with another dog and is fine. He would be best suited to a couple where he will be their everything and let him learn how to dog.
Someone home more often then not, a daily walk and someone happy to hang out with him.

A family with no children or much older children as we are unaware of his experience with children.

No cats

Please complete an online application form at and the carer will contact you

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Meet Nami! Nami came to us as an unclaimed stray from a local vet clinic. We often wonder where these guys come to us from, as they are not scared of humans at all and are mostly, very friendly and affectionate. So they have clearly lived with people before. Nami is no exception! Nami loves her biscuits and will meow when she knows it’s dinner time, or wants it to be! She loves head scratches and relaxing, looking out the window and watching life go by. Nami is the perfect way to wake up - as she loves to boop you in the morning and give you cuddles! Typical of a cat who has spent time on the street, she can be a bit jumpy when she hears a loud noise and can get a bit nervous when meeting strangers for the first time, but warms up fast. We are not sure if she has lived with cats, dogs or kids before, but she is very relaxed, so we are such that she would be fine with them with the right introduction! She seemed fine with them in the clinic environment. Please PM us to meet Nami! Name: Nami Sex: Female (speyed) Colour: Calico Breed: DSH DOB: 2/10/2019 Adoption Fee: $150.00 which goes towards the cost of her desexing, microchip, up-to-date vaccinations and worming. vet check.

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 and travel being restricted, I can only be adopted in NSW or ACT.

Leia is two year old German Shepherd who is looking for another home.

Leia will require an active home, daily walks and with games and playtime is a must. She is seeking a caring home who will continue with her lead and basic obedience training, and give her plenty of exercise.

Leia needs a committed owner who will need to understand she will need consistency, firm boundaries and plenty of stimulation and playtime, and have recent experience with German Shepherds.

Due to Leia's past we recommend a home with no children. She can be with another large breed dog and cannot go to a home with cats, small dogs or pocket pets.

Intelligence, loyalty, love and companionship is what Leia will provide.

If you understand the nature of the German Shepherd and are looking for a companion dog then consider Leia.

If you think you can give this girl a new home please contact us by selecting the orange "Enquire about this Pet".

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Meet Aubree! Aubree is a gorgeous sweet, polite, shy girl who warms up to whoever shows her kindness and gives her food. She would suit a quiet home and one that will allow her time to settle in slowly. She does lack confidence but with patience, understanding (and food) she will soon warm to you and, as evidenced in her foster home, she is actually very affectionate once familiar and comfortable......Did I mention she loves food? Aubree is currently in foster with dogs and other cats. She is not suited to a home with young children. Please PM us to meet Aubree. Name: Aubree Breed: DSH Colour: Brown & White DOB: 01/03/2018 Sex: Female Good with: dogs (given time), other cats (given time). Not suitable for a home with young children. Adoption Fee: $150.00 which goes towards the cost of desexing, microchip, up-to-date vaccinations and worming, vet check.

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Evie aka Bug is the sweetest little werewolf, Bug came to us a very terrified little kitten she has settled down but can be cautious of new people. She will need a home with older children due to her being a little nervous. She loves keeping to one room that she feels safe in and loves being in bed, she got her name Bug by being a little bed bug. When she’s in her safe space she is the sweetest and loves to rub her face all over your feet. Bug definitely needs a home that has a very accepting cat that will love her. Bug doesn’t like being left alone and can stress if she’s shut in a room by herself. Went Bug is out in the house she isn’t easy to pick up unless you have a treat. Bug has to be an indoor only kitty she got out once and turned into a spitfire and was very hard to catch, once she was inside she was back to normal. Once Bug knows she can trust you she very sweet. Bug will need the kitty friend in her permanent home to be very patient she’ll want to snuggle and play.

Bug (Evie) is located in Gunning NSW 30 min from Goulburn 50 min from Canberra.

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Hey there folks – my name is Amos – tall dark and handsome!

My foster mum says I am a pleasure to have around and will make a great companion for someone. I am extremely affectionate and love to be patted and cuddled. I am also very calm and very well behaved – I am a good boy!

I do display a strong prey drive towards small lighter coloured dogs but have come along way with training, so my new owner will need to understand this and to continue the training. I am currently in foster with another greyhound and am also great with other larger breed dogs like labs.

I haven’t had much to do with kids but I do like to watch the kiddies next door play in their yard.

If you are interested in me, please drop Friends of the Hound a line, and ask for Amos – the tall, dark and handsome one!

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Miss Marnie is a gorgeous old lady. She loves cuddles, ear scritches and being close to her humans.

Her foster carer says it has been a delight watching her discover toys and how to play with them. She is happiest snuggled in her bed with her squeaky dinosaur. She loves going out for a walk or an adventure to the park.

Marnie is learning to walk gently on the lead but still pulls a little. She loves kids but does get excited when playing and might accidentally knock over small kids so may be best with slightly older ones.

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Lilly is a very active girl that needs the company of another dog. She would probably play well with a working type breed of dog. She is a sweetheart but very active for a greyhound. She is a real character and is cuddly and funny.

Lilly is not a fussy eater and will eat anything. She also needs human company. She would suit a busy household with people and older children home a lot. Lilly is a lovely girl with lots of love to give. She is not cat friendly but has been good with other dogs.

Have you got the perfect home for her?

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