Meet Rusty
Rusty and his brother Tricky are looking for a home after being abandoned at a country pound. They are friendly, happy, active little boys. Available separately, Rusty will make a great addition to an active family who has the time to raise up this lovely little boy into a respectable adult dog.

Rusty is available after 20th August. Enquiries welcome now.

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No photo for Diamond **2nd Chance Cat Rescue**

Diamond **2nd Chance Cat Rescue**

A Diamond is a girl's best friend!

Diamond is a very sweet little girl. She's great with other cats and dogs, but at this time she's still a bit unsure of children.
Diamond and her siblings were found in a shed when they were very small kittens and came into care not understanding what it was all about.
After some time getting used to her foster carer, Diamond has become a loving, playful little kitten who will bring love and joy to her new family.
Diamond would prefer the company of another cat in her new home. She loves her foster mum's dog. As of yet she's not overly interested in children.
Both she and her siblings are super affectionate and very friendly. At the moment they are into everything and they absolutely adore each other.

Diamonds are forever, and so is this little girl. The person who's lucky enough to adopt her will have a friend for life.

Located in Mornington

Please fill in our online questionnaire to arrange a meet & greet with the foster carer.
You can complete the online application here:

Adoption fees include desexing, microchipping, first vaccination, flea and worm treatments. They also now include FREE microchip change of ownership, ensuring that if your pet ever gets lost, they are returned safely to you.

2nd Chance Cat Rescue provides a seven day health warranty on all kittens if a vet visit is required (please contact us first for approval and to organise the health check with a rescue approved vet. For a pre-existing condition only and up to $1000;).

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No photo for Cherry


Cherry is a very friendly girl when she gets to know you - once that purr motor starts it keeps going and going! She is a gentle and loving girl; she loves cuddles and will keep you company all day if allowed, by following you around and talking in little trills and meows. She can also be both playful and cheeky. She particularly enjoys lap cuddles in the evening in front of the TV.

Now 6 years’ old, Cherry has a gorgeously thick soft coat and beautiful markings. She lives happily and harmoniously with the other cats and dogs in her foster home, so would be very comfortable in a furever (indoor) home with existing cat-friendly pets. Not particularly keen on sudden noises, she is likely to settle best in a quiet home - perhaps a family with older children, or a couple.

Although sometimes shy with new people and surroundings, Cherry blossoms once she knows and trusts you; she is such a lovely girl she’ll just need a little extra time to settle in to her new home and start showering you with her love and affection.

Cherry is microchipped, de-sexed and up to date with all her vaccinations.
Should you be interested in meeting Cherry, she would welcome your visit to her foster home in Mount Annan, please contact her carer, Carolyn.

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No photo for Callie


Callie has a deep brown coat with splashes of orange. Callie has a very independent & shy personality and likes things done on her terms. She has the nature of an older soul and prefers to lie about in her favourite sunny spot and watch the world go by. Callie would be suited to a quieter home without children and where she can just do her own thing as an indoors only cat,

She has received all of her vaccinations. She is microchipped.
She has been desexed already and is awaiting her new home.

For more information or to arrange to meet her please contact us.
Located in Quakers Hill NSW.

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No photo for Clover


Meet Clover

Arab Mare 13.1hh, 21yrs

Clover is a sweet older girl who has served her past owners well and is in need of a good retirement home. She's quiet and is able to be brushed, have the farrier out, be lead and handled easily.

Not a lot is known about her past, however she's had a good education at some point as she lunges beautifully, and we've been told she was a clever all-rounder / western pony who excelled at sporting in her younger years.

She had been badly neglected before coming to us, so we have not test ridden her as we've been focusing on getting her back to good health and a better weight.

If you're interested in giving Clover a good home where she can be assured of a secure & happy future, please contact us for more information about her.

* First two photos taken in mid January 2016;
* Last photo taken in mid September 2015.

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No photo for Camden


Abandoned and rescued as a shy one year old, Camden has grown into a beautiful young adult with striking markings. Out of kittenhood, she needs less attention, so Camden may well fit in with a working person or couple, as easily as she could love an entire family.

Camden does, of course, still require plenty of cuddles and loves to have a good belly rub, as well as playing and chasing things. She is very affectionate, with a speciality in head butting and purring, so really enjoys being with her human foster family. Oh, and she has a great appetite.

Camden would really like to have her own family now, so that, with a little time and patience, this little girl can love you unconditionally.

Camden is already de-sexed, and is up to date on all her vet requirements.

If you’d like to arrange to meet Camden at her Narellan foster home, please contact her carer.

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No photo for Rhoan


A big kitty with a giant heart of gold.

If you're looking for a man in your life who will offer great conversation, loyalty, gentle affection and who will have eyes only for you then Rhoan is your man.

Rhoan is very people orientated. He enjoys a good head scratch and is a loyal companion that will follow you around everywhere. He is quite a talker, he has a set of lungs, and is not afraid to use them - always telling you what he wants.

Full of energy Rhoan will need you to give him lots of  play time. So get the toys ready as this confident puss will entertain you with his crazy antics.

Rhoan would like to be the solo furry friend in your household and would need older cat savy children as he can be intense.

Purrr-sonality plus this boy is purrfect for you.

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No photo for Jacinta


Street cat turned lap cat!

Little Jacinta is a former street cat but who has adapted beautifully to domesticated living in her foster home. She has bonded with her foster Mum and doggy foster brother (who she adores) and has turned into a real lap cat who loves receiving human affection. She can also be a right little bossy boots, especially around meal times!

However, given her background Jacinta remains timid of strangers and is easily spooked by sudden movements or unexpected noises. She is not suited to a home with children or where there’s a lot of coming and going of other people.

She’ll likely take a few weeks to settle in a new home, but we expect she will settle and when she does she will reward you with so much love.

We think she would probably also like to live with another small (or at least cat savvy) dog or another cat.

This girl really is beautiful and if you can afford to give her a little bit of patience initially, you will more than be rewarded.

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No photo for Cherry


Cherry is the shadow you never knew you needed.

Once she gets to know you she begins her shadow antics, following you as you move from room to room. When you are settled, she tends to settle too, unless there is play to be had with her sister, Pinto, in this case the hallway becomes their racetrack!
Cherry greatly enjoys playing and cuddling with her sister, and would love to go to a new home with her or to a home that already has a feline family member.

Cherry is very clever, solving the big issue of how to escape her nightly bedroom confinement. She has a lot of energy and is always ready for playtime! She is one of the first to join in on the action, and loves chasing that illusive string toy!

Cherry and her sister were rescued from the streets, so she is still unsure and shy around new people, but it doesn’t take her long to warm up to her new family and she is quite relaxed with her foster family. It is because of this that she would not be suitable for families with young children, but older children who can respect her space and give her the time needed to settle in.
She is very respectful of the older resident cats in her foster home.
She also gets on well with the resident puppy, scenting and head-butting him, until he gets too playful, then she will take herself to a high/out of the way area.

*Are you willing to share your shadow? Send us an adoption enquiry below!*

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No photo for Zoe And Happy

Zoe And Happy

Happy and Zoe are best friends and super mums. They have the kind of friendship that many would envy - super supportive and full of fun but they also keep each other in line.

Happy and Zoe are best friends and super mums. They have the kind of friendship that many would envy - super supportive and full of fun but they also keep each other in line.

Happy is the more outgoing and adventurous of the two, she can be quite chatty and is always up for climbing into your lap for a scratch. She can be a little bit forceful with her demands for attention and so would be better suited for a home with no young children.

Zoe is more reserved. Whilst she absolutely adores pats and attention she is less likely to seek it out and is more inclined to let Happy take the attention whilst she looks on. Zoe does take time to adapt to new people and needs a quieter home with no young children.

Being that they are the best of friends, have co-parented kittens together and support each other through all situations, Happy and Zoe need a home together.

No one should be without their best friend and these girls are inseparable.

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