Wanda, Wesley And Warrick With Ali

All the way from the red dirt up north these guys have arrived to the big city. Wanda, Wesley and Warrick have taken everything in their stride and are settling in perfectly.

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No photo for Thyme


Thyme is an beautiful, affectionate girl who loves playing with her brother as well as snuggling up on your lap. She is great with young children and loves playing chase with string or anything that could possibly be a toy. She is a delight.

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No photo for Macey


Hi, my name is Macey and my Animal ID number is 150489.

I'm a 'Private Investigator'.

I'll keep a close eye on you and your household to make sure you stay safe, though I'm good at vanishing into thin air if anyone or anything interferes with my investigation. Trust is a must for me - and I'd love to build a trusting relationship with you.

I am desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date with parasite prevention. I have lots of love to give, please come and meet me as soon as you can.

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No photo for Basil


Basil is a gentle soul who can steal your heart with one look. He loves to snuggle on your chest and just look at you. He has a wonderful placid and relaxed nature as well as being fantastic with kids and loves playing chase.

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No photo for Laika


Laika is a beautiful 4 yr old Border Collie x (Aussie Shepard,golden retriever,German Shepard,cattledog).
Thanks to her previous owners she had a DNA test.
Unfortunately Laika is looking for her forever home due to no fault of hers.
Her family has made the heartwrenching decision to re home her due to their family circumstances and for Laika as she needs more than what they can offer her.
We commend them on realising that she needs more.
Laika has been with the same family since she was a puppy.
We are happy to say she hasn’t come from abuse or neglect.
But as all dogs, she does have some quirks.
Laika can get anxious in storms, but all she needs is a reassuring pat or hug.
Great with children and other dogs.
Laika can be timid but she will stand up for herself if need be.
She has had obedience training with all her lovely certificates in her backpack to show you.
Laika needs someone that is willing to put the time and energy into her to settle into her forever home.
A family that has the time and energy to stimulate her and exercise her, as she is full of working dog breeds.
But in saying that she loves to be around her humans for special one on one time.
This girl will not suit a home where she is on her own a lot.
Our experience in rescueing dogs, in regards to behaviour can change from home to home.
We can only give you the information from her previous home and from her foster home.
And for you to be totally honest regarding your home and family and other pets.
It’s a huge responsibility on us to find each and every dog the right fit.
So please consider everything we have outlined regarding Laika, before applying.
She is a special girl, and all she has ever known is one home.
She needs to settle and relax to feel safe in her next home.

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No photo for Norton


Come and Meet Norton!

Norton is just an all round fabulous little fellow. Norton is a Friendly, self-assured, sociable dog who with some training each day and his willing nature has already come along in leaps and bounds!!

Due to being still such a puppy - Norton can be a bit rambunctious and excitable at first - and he has filled out a bit since being in care!! He will find home life much less stimulating than the high energy of his current surroundings - so with the right guidance rules and boundaries Norton will be sure to SHINE!!! He just may be a bit clumsy when it comes to toddlers and little ones but he does have a lovely nature.

We can just see Norton hanging around his family and joining in some doggy activities. If you're after an obliging buddy - come and meet Norton!

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No photo for James Bond Kittens

James Bond Kittens

*In foster care in Marrickville, Sydney*

The cutie-pie quartet of Sora, Riku, Latina and Lala are available now for adoption - individually, as pairs or as a whole set!

With two beautiful boys and two gregarious girls to choose from, you'll be immediately enchanted by their soft, fluffy black-and-white fur and cheeky kitten ways :)

Like all Maggie's pets, the James Bond kittens are microchipped, desexed and vaccinated.

**We ask all people looking to adopt to fill in our adoption enquiry form at https://form.jotform.co/92940837256870. Please use this link rather than the 'Enquire' button on the pet's PetRescue profile.**

OUR IDEAL HOME: ... will provide all the usual things - lots of cuddles and playtime, yummy food and warm places to sleep. For our safety we'd also prefer indoor-only homes, please!


OUR SUITABILITY TO CHILDREN: Children of at least school age should be a lovely match!

OUR SUITABILITY TO CATS AND DOGS: We adore each other and due to our young age, we're likely to adapt very easily to any home with friendly resident cats. We haven't met any dogs yet.

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No photo for Kirby


Kirby is adorable! He is a confident bunny, loves a pat and adores other bunnies. He's curious and loves exploring, and would love lots of toys to keep him occupied. He will love a desexed female rabbit as a friend, and we do bunny dates to make sure they are compatible.

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No photo for Camelot


What gorgeous features Camelot has. He is an easy going cat that just likes to laze about. He would be best suited to a quiet environment and would make a lovely pet. Do you have a soft spot for Camelot? Contact our team today for possible adoption.

If you would like to give him a home please call us on 02 4777 4746 to arrange a meeting.

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No photo for Jenny


Description coming soon. Please call 02 4777 4746 for further information on Jenny.

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