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Boss is a 5 year old ex-racer who has had a bit of a rough start in his life. After a terrible accident on the track, he needed to have one of his legs amputated. Boss is completely healed from his operation and has been living life as a city apartment dog for over six months now, and enjoying the luxuries of 'pet life'. He is house trained and a very well-behaved boy who loves affection and deserves the very best in life. It goes without saying that he is a very special tripod greyhound!

Boss doesn't let his 3-leggedness worry him too much and still loves having fun and living his life to the fullest. However, he does have a few special requirements for his perfect home. Stair free is a must, he much prefers to take the elevator like any hound about town. Floorboards and tiles can be too slippery, and he needs home that is fully carpeted (or very close to - kitchen and bathroom may be exceptions). Even rugs stuck down to floors in living areas or hallways can be problematic, as he gets very excited when his humans come home and slips on exposed bits of floor. And although Boss loves the great outdoors, he would get a bit too excited in a large yard and risk injuring himself, so an apartment or townhouse with a small courtyard or balcony would suit him best.

Boss is a really sweet boy who loves people but he can be a bit shy to begin with and needs a home with people who have the patience to take things a little slowly and let him get to know you. Once he is comfortable in your home and you've won his trust, he is your typical velcro grey who will bestow lots of smooches and love upon you.

Boss is not cat-friendly and also would not be suited to a home with small dogs. At the moment he is happy being an only dog and getting all of his humans love and affection.

If our beautiful boy has stolen your heart and you think you can offer Boss his forever home, please email us or message us via this page.

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After starting her life under a school building and being teased by kids, Belle is most comfortable being the only cat or with other cat friendly cats, preferably younger.
She is sweet and likes the odd pat but prefers to have attention via her own terms.
She would excel in a farm environment where she is left to do her own thing but may also suit a quiet easy going household that is willing to give her the time to adapt to her surroundings and be however she wants to be.

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After finding himself in a service station colony, Harry found solace under wooden pallets and watched the big scary world pass by for the first 5weeks of his life... but look at him now!

Be assured the only thing this guy lacks is length in his tail!!
His chatty, inquisitive nature will win you over instantly and being a sprightly little Manx, he loves being the centre of attention so would best suit a home as the only cat as he seems to overwhelm even older cats with his energy and lust for adventure.

He will thrive in a household with cat confident kids but will need time to get used to resident dogs.

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Is your oyster missing that certain sparkle?

Then Pearl is your girl!!

She is a sweet, affectionate puss who enjoys spending time with humans and small, cat friendly dogs.
After being born in a service station colony, she has spent most of her life with her sister Tracks and would love to continue to share her home with her if they were to find that perfect family.

She has spent time with children of all ages and even visited other cats on holidays!!

Adventurous and easy going, Pearl would make the perfect addition to anyone's ocean and just needs to find that perfect place!

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Is your platform missing that special something that can finally make it a station?

Look no further, we have the Tracks you need!

After starting life at a petrol station colony, Tracks has spent her first 6months hanging out with small cat friendly dogs and kids of all ages making her the perfect addition to any household!

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Xena is playful and cuddly. She is great with children and other cats. She likes to sit on your lap and play with toys.

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Spirit has a sweet and gentle nature. She loves to play and cuddle. She is fully litter trained. She is available for a pre adoption only.

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Lilian Aka Lily

Lilian has a sweet and gentle nature. She gets on well with other cats, is friendly and fully litter trained.

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Lana has a sweet and gentle nature. She is good with children and other cats. She likes to play and is fully litter trained.

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Leela is new to the rescue, she has a sweet and gentle nature. More info to follow soon.

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