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Hi my name is Maxwell,

I'm a sweet affectionate cat with a lot of love and purrs to give.

My adoption fee includes me, my desexing, microchip and health check and makes sure I'm up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea treatments!

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Sweet sweet little Izzy has wooed her foster family to bits and shown everyone how sweet, playful and cuddly she is. With a loud and blasting purr she will shake the house with how many pats she will request and a cute little meow to let you know when she wants more; more cuddles, more food and more play time.

Izzy came into care after being house raised with her two siblings and her mum and has shown to be the adventurous one of the litter. She loves to nibble on some plants, play with some toys and wrestle with one of the host dogs tails.

She is looking for an adventurous home and could suit a variant of environments. Be it as an only cat, with another, with some kids or with some dogs. She isn't too fussed as long as she is getting some love. She is great indoors, well litter trained and well socialised with everyone around including young kids.

Izzy is ready to go to her new home now and is located in the lower hunter valley region. Her adoption fee is $200.

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Freckles is sweet, gentle and just so loveable. A boy with a timid personality who just wants someone to adore and love him.
Since arriving into foster care, freckles has surely opened up about who he really is. He has shown to be social and friendly with dogs who are kind to him but can be scared and unsure of dogs who show him any sort of aggression.
He has met dogs of varying ages and was social with them and is currently in foster care with a young puppy and is social with him. They even try and share each other's beds and crate.

He would do well in a home with another social and friendly dog who can be both a play mate and companion. He isn't overly energetic so doesn't need a constant play mate. He would also suit being an only dog if someone was home at least part time.

He is with two young kids in foster care and adores their love and affection. So definitely think a home with kids could suit this handsome fella.
He hasn't met any cats, livestock or poultry but we think being so shy he would be quite scared of those. So with slow introductions and training he may be fine.

Secure and safe fencing over 5ft would suit him best but he could suit rural fencing also. He will need to be allowed inside at night to be a true part of the family and would love someone who can keep him social and well trained.

He is crate trained, good with good and also toilet trained. He is adjusting well to basic obedience and training and would love a home who can continue this.

Freckles is a beautiful boy and is looking for a loving and caring patient home. He is located in the Newcastle region and his Adoption fee is $500.

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Emily is a little puffy faced baby who has been hand raised in care with her two siblings and mum. She is a beautiful medium coated girl who just loves affection. She will have a little adorable meow and adventure around with her foster family. She has shown to be social with other cats and cat friendly dogs and could easily suit a home with kids as well.

With a coat and face to die for, she will definitely love to be the attention stopper in photo shoots. She has shown to be playful, friendly and well toilet trained and isn't fussed with being messed around with and handled. She is a little more cuddly and low key than her sister Izzy but doesn't lack the confidence to ask for a cuddle and kiss from her foster parents.

She enjoys playing with her toys, eating lots of yummy foods and using one of the host dogs backs as a leaping board.

Emily is located in the lower hunter region and her adoption fee is $200.

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No photo for Knox


Spot was nine months old on 10 May 2018. He was weighed recently at 34kgs and height to top of his back is about 65cms.
He has a lovely temperament, and will ask for cuddles many times a day.
He socialises well with other dogs and would love another playful dog as a permanent companion. He has not shown any food aggression with his smaller doggie companion
He lives with a cat and spends lots of time inside with her, he is interested in her, sometimes to play, but would not hurt her.
He is very social with people and loves children, but because of his size and age he needs supervision to be gentle with small children because he is still a puppy.
He is not good with chickens although he is getting used to seeing them in the cage, but he will chase them.
He only knows basic commands, such as sit, and is learning to drop. He is very food and praise orientated and we believe he will respond to training. He has been tested on recall and although he needs a lot of improvement, so far he comes back awhile after being called. He walks on leash with a halti and is doing quite well, and does not react to other dogs barking at him from behind a gate when walking past.
He is toilet trained and crate trained. He has never had an accident inside with us and he spends a lot of time inside with us.
He will need a car restraint when travelling. He loves the car but likes to sit on top of the driver.

Knox would ideally love a home with another canine companion, one who can rumble and tumble and keep him company throughout the day. He would love a social home that can take him out and about for adventures and also keep him well trained and social.
He will need to be allowed inside at night so he can spend time with his new family. Fencing over 5ft due to his size will need to be present in his new home and we may consider rural fencing with the right home if you are understanding of the need for boundary training.

He can show some anxiety if he is left alone for long periods of time due to being in the pound and in an unstable household beforehand but is showing to improve as his confidence and settling continues in foster care. So his new home will need to keep that in mind so they're aware of his settling.

Knox is located in the Newcastle region and his adoption fee is $350.

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No photo for Max


Max is the comedian, funny man with a personality to die for, and he sure does know it.
He thought the photo shoot for his adoption profile was the best thing and has to say that the purple lounge was definitely his idea and his only.

If you're looking for a funny character, and a man of the house. Oh lord this boy is the one for you.
He will make you know he is present, a meow and a pat from him and he will make sure you sit down and pat until you can't no more.
A snuggly boy who just really wants a family of his very own, he LOVES kids and would love the most hands on him at all times please.

He has shown to be good with other cats, but the occasional one he isn't too fond on. Whether this is him or the other we aren't quite sure. So we would say if another cat is present in the home, that there is a slow and understanding introduction to make sure everyone gets along.
He has met some dogs in both foster care and the pound before his release to us and showed to be social with those, so cat friendly and social dogs would work for this boy best.

Max is located in the Cessnock area and his adoption fee is $150.

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No photo for Riccardo Hc882

Riccardo Hc882

HC882 Riccardo - 8 month old Riccardo is a very special boy and deserves a very special home, here at SAFE we just adore him. He was rescued from Wedgefield and came into us a terrified young cat who needed some extra love and attention to help him settle into domestic life. Well look at him now! This guy is another one of our true rescues and is looking for a home to continue the second chance at life that he has been given.

As with most adult cats he will take a little bit of time to settle into his new home and he will always be an independent guy but he loves to come up to you for pats, cuddles and chin scratches and hang out inside and even go for quick explores of the back yard before coming back to the safety of your couch. This boy is perfect if you are looking for a handsome furry member of your family who is happy to look after himself and do his own thing most of the time and then have a snooze and get some pats from you when you are ready sit down to relax.

Riccardo is located in Port Hedland but can be flown to Perth for only $100

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No photo for Mr Biggles

Mr Biggles

Mr Biggles is a BEAUTIFULLY natured, quiet boy. Next to food, his most favourite things on earth are head rubs, ear scritches and chin tickles! He has a furrroceous purrr and will pad his claws in and out in ecstasy.

While he had to learn to be independent during the years he spent on the cold hard streets, this hasn't made him resentful in the slightest. In fact, quite the opposite...he is eternally grateful for a warm bed, regular food and lots of attention, but he isn't one for running and playing with toys...just loves to laze about in shaded/filtered sunlight or his nice warm heated bed...

We are unsure how he interacts with children, dogs and other cats.

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No photo for Dawn Hc942

Dawn Hc942

Little Dawn is the sweetest tiny kitty. She loves to play with other cats and dogs and is not afraid of anything! This bold little girl has stunning markings and a great personality, her carer says she's the easiest kitten she's ever had!
For only $200 Dawn comes litter trained, microchipped, vet checked, wormed, vaccinated and will be desexed once old enough.
She would be a great addition to any house!

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No photo for Courtney Hc900

Courtney Hc900

A real one to one kitty who loves night time snuggles in bed. Medium coat tabby with a twist! She's all tabby up front and party up back - orange and red 'streaks on her back. Very cute and impressive.

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