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Adoption Fee: $265

Elijah has known the street life for too long and is now ready to settle down with a family of his own. He is a massive cuddler and loves a good head scratch. He is especially fond of sleeping on his foster Mum's arms. He doesn't mind being picked up and loves to sniff your face while you're carrying him. He is very gentle and loves to chat to you, and has lots of different sounds in his vocabulary. Elijah is comfortable being left alone during a work day but will be excited when you return and rub up on your legs and meow loudly. While he is still figuring out how to play, he can't resist a bit of catnip and will play hard for 10 minutes and then fall asleep.
Elijah will likely be an active cat as he grows, and will need someone who is can engage him in plenty of playtime and stimulation every day. He gets on well with his feline foster brother, and after a very gradual introduction he is settling well with his foster family's Blue Heeler. He is untested with children, but we think with his temperament he would be a good match for them.

Elijah is litter box trained and an all round lovely kitten. Please remember that kittens need a gradual transition to new food to avoid tummy upsets, and may have occasional litter box accidents while settling into a new home.

Adoption fee includes vet check, F3 vaccination*, flea and worm treatment, microchip including the transfer of ownership, and sterilisation.
*This kitten requires a further vaccination to complete his vaccination course. These will be at the cost of the new owner (not included in the adoption fee).

To apply to adopt, please send through a Cat Adoption Enquiry Form via our website. You will be advised if your chosen kitten/cat is still available and then put in contact with the carer for a chance to ask further questions. Either a meet-and-greet or contactless collection is then arranged. Paperwork and payment is organised before meeting your chosen kitten.

Our adoption process includes a two-week trial to ensure your chosen pet is the right fit for your home. After a successful trial period, SAFE Bunbury will arrange transfer of ownership on your new pet's microchip and email copies of the kitten's vet records out to you.

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No photo for Pepper ** Needs A Chance **

Pepper ** Needs A Chance **


Adopt me - Pepper

Pepper was left behind by his family and fed by a revolving door of neighbours until Anthea came along. She gained his trust, fed him, eventually he slept on her bed at night and gave her all the cuddles.

When she had to move she decided to find him a furever home so he would never be alone again.

Pepper is 5 years old and FIV positive. He also has a grade 2 heart murmur, however both are currently stable and with regular checkups won’t cause any problems. Most importantly he is an amazing young man who just wants to be fed and loved! Ideally as an only cat in an indoor only home (he’s not a fan of other cats and doesn’t like to share). He’ll tolerate outdoor dogs and likes teenagers but hasn’t been tested with children.
Please watch his video he is so adorable!!
Face book page is The BedBugs Cottage Cat Rehabilitation And Retirement Home.
Name: Pepper
Age: 5yrs
Sex: Male
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
FIV: Positive
Other: Heart Murmur grade 2 (minor)
Adoption fee: $120
Location: Ourimbah NSW

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No photo for Casper ** Please Help Him **

Casper ** Please Help Him **


Casper the Friendly Ghost

Casper was on the streets for 5 years with various rescues attempting to trap him while the neighbour threatened to poison him (and attempted to on several occasions) but finally we got him when we were trapping abandoned kittens in the garden.

Casper has been here ever since. He’s not enjoying home life and desperately wants to be outside.

He needs a home on a farm where he can be the Rodent Control Specialist. In exchange, he will take his salary in food and shelter.

It does take a little time to acclimate a cat to a property so you will need a little patience to help him adjust, but it will definitely be worth it!

Name: Casper
Age: 5yrs
FIV Status: Negative
Adoption fee: $120
Location: Ourimbah NSW

Call Sarah on 0416747560 if you can give Casper a safe place to live out his life.
Or please send an email.

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No photo for Hetti


Hello I'd like to introduce Hetti 🐱
Black and White Short Hair
Approx D.O.B. 15/10/2018
MC 900079000649710

I'm a window cat and a shower cat.
Love to sit on the end of the bath and chat while you shower 🚿
Otherwise sitting in the window watching the neighbourhood.

I'm currently sharing a space with Sam 🐈, I guess he's ok, I'm kinda liking him now. I'm not much of a pick me up cat, I'll come to you for pats and even roll over for a belly rub.

I do spook easily so small kids are probably not a great idea, I like the quiet.

My foster mum loves me already, probably because I'm shiny and soft. That last pic is what happens when I see myself in the mirror. 😂💞

I am available from Petstock Tuggerah now!

Please ring ahead to check I’m still there and make an appointment. When you go in store, you can meet the kitten (please follow each stores guide for safe social distancing) and apply if you’d like to adopt. Please take a copy of your rental agreement showing you can have a cat, or a copy of your rates notice if you own. The friendly staff can help guide you through the process. We will not be accepting applications over the internet.

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No photo for Ac1026   Cheeto

Ac1026 Cheeto


Hello there, I'm Cheeto. I’m an oldy but a goody! I’m new to the domesticated lifestyle, I've lived on the streets for quite a while and only recently came into care with PRA.

Despite this, I'm very friendly and love a good pats. I am great with other animals with slow introductions, but I’m not keen on small children that make lots of noise.
I don’t like to play, I'm too old for all that tough and tumble now. I’d rather just lay in the sunshine. I would suit a quiet home or a home with older children that understand this. I’d love too maybe have a feline friend too, with slow introductions of course.

I am a beautiful little diamond in the rough and would love to finally meet my forever family.

If you would like to adopt Cheeto please email us at


AC1026 - Cheeto
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Ginger
DOB: 30/10/08
Adoption Fee: $100

*Cheeto's adoption fee includes vet check, sterilisation, vaccination, microchip, flea and worm treatment *

Medical notes: Cheeto has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) which is a virus that can affect his immune system. However, he can still live a potentially long healthy life. FIV is transmittable through deep bite wounds. Due to his FIV, Cheeto will need to be an indoor only cat. FIV cats can live harmoniously with other cats, however slow introductions are required to ensure they do not fight.

Cheeto is in the early stages of kidney failure, this condition is currently managed with a specialist homemade diet which a new owner will need to continue. Cheeto also has arthritis, he is on a daily low dose anti-inflammatory medication and also has a course of 4 weekly steroid injections when the arthritis pain is particularly bad. The anti-inflammatory exacerbates his kidney issues, however his low mobility and high pain levels without the medication means it is necessary to continue.

Perth Rescue Angels recommends Advantage, Advocate, and Drontal from Bayer for all your new furry family members' flea and worming needs.

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No photo for Dacey


This is Dacey! He's an elegant gentleman who enjoys spending his days lazing in bed and his evenings lazing under the heat pump with the occasional chin scritch. He's slightly dominant with our cat Maebh, but communicates really well with her and would be suitable in a multiple cat household. We don't have children so I'm not sure how he will go with them. Very low maintenance young man who has come out of his shell pretty quickly and I'm sure will continue to as he gets used to his surroundings. He's recently been desexed and although he was a bit late to it (he'd be at least a year I think) he hasn't displayed any problematic tomcat behavior ie: spraying. He'd be well suited to indoor life and hasn't tried escaping to roam at all. Currently being fostered in Zillmere 🙂

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No photo for Snow White

Snow White

Snow White is one of the Disney bunnies. They all came from the same household in very poor condition. She is very sweet and gentle .

She is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $150. To adopt please email the rabbit adoption application form to

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No photo for Olaf


Olaf is one of the Disney bunnies. They all came from the same household in very poor condition. He is very sweet and gentle and easy to pick up. He is social with some other rabbits. He is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. He weighs 1.66kg. His adoption fee is $150. To adopt please email the rabbit adoption application form to

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No photo for 510   Oak

510 Oak


Hi, my name is Oak! Just like the tree, I am big and strong!

I was nearly 6 months old when I came into foster care. I found it really difficult to attach to any of the humans, even the two little boys and they weren’t much bigger than me. I wanted to play with them, but was too timid to approach them… It has taken a little while, but I'm getting more confident and will come up to people and say hello now, but only if I know them. I've also began to roam the house, I took some time getting used to my bearings. I am a big cat now, but still timid.

I live with two young boys, who were much smaller when I first got here, so I am used to the noise they make when playing. I also have two other foster cats and two resident cats who share the house with me, we get on okay. There is also a big dog that I try to ignore cos she likes to play games with me… I hide and she tries to find me, I usually win cos I am soooo quiet!

I like food! Mealtime is the best time of the day, especially if it’s roast chicken – roast chicken is my FAVOURITE! I get on well with the other cats too, so yes, I like them.

If you would like to meet Oak please email

#adoptdontshop #perthrescueangels

510 - Oak
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Colour: Black and White
DOB: 15/08/2015
Adoption Fee: $125

*Oak’s adoption fee includes vet check, sterilisation, vaccination, microchip, flea and worm treatment

Medical Notes: Oak was exposed to Ringworm, which is a common fungal infection. He did not show symptoms and was given the all clear by the vet.

Perth Rescue Angels recommends Advantage, Advocate, and Drontal from Bayer for all your new furry family members' flea and worming needs.

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No photo for Violet ❤

Violet ❤

Violet is as pretty as a picture!
This Gorgeous Dilute Torti loves pats and accepts affection on her own terms!
She will take some time to trust you, but when she does she will only have eyes for you!
Violet will be best suited to be in a quite home that has no other pets or young children.
She would be best suited to be in a home with a retired person/ couple .
Violet is eagerly waiting for her perfect match..❤

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